Laurie Brenner

Contributor Laurie Brenner: Laurie is managing editor of a small town historical newspaper in a past life (before the advent of computers). She is an award winning author and has published two books Changing Planes  and The Little Book Of Becoming: Understanding The Law Of Attraction.
With with several books simmering on the back burners and current internet writing assignments, Laurie is always busy writing.  On she shares her experiences and insights into writing, editing, and publishing.  Follow here to find out more about Laurie.

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The Universe works in mysterious ways -- most often in ways we cannot even perceive. I recently received notice that I had written award winning fiction. The funny thing of it is I used to think that in order for me to have the house of my dreams -- I would have to be living my dream life -- that of being a best-selling author.

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