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Mike Consol is president of MikeConsol.com (http://MikeConsol.com), which provides business writing seminars, PowerPoint presentation skills training, Web 2.0 strategies and media training. Consol spent 17 years with American City Business Journals, the nation's largest publisher of metropolitan business journals.

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If you want to be a strong writer there are three things one must do One, write every day and do so with great avidity

For all the fancy new technology mediums we’ve developed over the past century, writing remains the core skill that feeds all other forms of communication, the bedrock upon all other communication is constructed Radio executives will argue the spoken word and sound effects cannot be beat

There’s a big irony to the writing process, and it is this: While we seek to optimize our creativity while writing, the inert nature of the task works against the brain’s ability to perform at its imaginative best It’s become axiomatic that flashes of insight or even grand epiphanies come to us while showering, driving, walking, hiking through the woods and so on

Okay, the headline is a bit misleading The five-step writing process Ayn Rand followed isn’t exactly a secret

Newspaper legend Joseph Pulitzer – the father of writing’s famed Pulitzer Prize – summed up the essence of good and powerful writing in one 34-word quote Pulitzer famously told writers: “Put it to them briefly, so they will read it; clearly, so they will appreciate it; picturesquely, so they will remember it; and, above all, accurately, so they will be guided by its light

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