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Brian Scott is founder of  Book Proposal Writing  a free website that teaches you how to write a book proposal. Download your free sample book proposal today. Read his blog for freelance writers at working writersnewsletter

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The "blurb" is the back cover material for your book --- the selling points that will get people to buy the book If you write the blurb before you write an outline, you're guaranteed not to wander off the track as you write your book

Many aspiring book writers yearn to get a literary agent for representation Literary agents have become valuable to getting books published

You're ready to publish your first book You want to find the best publisher

These fiery hot topics are on the rise You can pull any one of these to use for your book

Groups of people willing to buy nonfiction books include hobbyists At any given time, these people look for ways to spend their money on their hobbies

Finding an agent/ publisher is the first step to selling your book proposal However, even after you've sold your book proposal, you'll want to stay current with agent and publisher news to sell your next proposal, and the one after that

These days more people are flocking to purchase self-help books Self-help books are leaping off shelves at brick and mortar book stores and online stores

Fantasy novels are the most exciting stories to write Writing fantasy gives the author so much freedom about every character and event of the story

A book publishing agreement is a document or contract that a writer signs with a publisher before their work can be put into print and distributed in different media Getting such a book contract is probably on every author's wish list

The hardest part as a book author may not be the writing, nor book marketing or finding a book publisher Negotiating with a publisher also may not be as difficult -- that is, if you educate yourself about what is rightfully yours as the creator of the work

A survey cited by "The Wall Street Journal" says that a person who surfs the book store actually spends more time looking at the front book cover before he reads the back cover Yes, you got it right

In writing fiction or non-fiction, many writers commit common mistakes as they build their stories Achieving the right balance between developing strong characters and a believable plot is sometimes difficult

Issues on copyright are hot topics in the creative world From movies, to music, and authorship, people have been disputing the legal concept of copyright

Writing is a fruitful and fulfilling endeavor The downside is you may find it difficult to get your book published

Your book's content is vital to your book's success Readers don't buy books because the front covers entice them

Book topics of special interest to women The facts don't lie

Selecting a hot topic for a book is so easy People are hungry for information, and people are buying books and e-books to feed their hunger

Fiction and non-fiction have been compared tirelessly throughout the years Because each genre has its own pros and cons, people often debate about which writing style is easier or more practical

Book editing can be a grueling, boring process If you are not used to critiquing your own work, then you may pass over errors without realizing it

Start by visiting some large bookstores Take your notebook and a pen

There's nothing mysterious about coming up with ideas for your book Within a page or two, you'll have more ideas than you know what to do with

Research is time-consuming and hard work; however, this phase in writing is essential to write a book that readers will find believable and original As long as you know where to start and what you want to achieve with your work, then research shouldn't be a problem

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