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Cindy Bauer is the well-seasoned author of the Memory Box Trilogy, (Chasing Memories, Shades of Blue and Crystal Clear ), an Inspirational Fiction series. She is an avid reader, a freelance writer and editor, and reviews for and New Leaf Press, as well as volunteers on staff at Books In Sync.

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Author: Ken Corday Executive Producer of Days of our Lives

ISBN: 978-1-4022-4222-9

Publisher: Sourcebooks

Author: Helen Waldstein Wilkes
ISBN: 978-1-897425-53-4
Publisher: Athabasca University Press

In an unforgettable read, the author has cleverly included the context of the letters, pictures she was able to locate, and her own heartfelt story behind the discoveries. It was an emotional journey for me as well, as I learned more about this family and their struggle to survive in a most overwhelming time

Authors: Sherry H. Penney and James D. Livingston
ISBN: 1-55849-447-2
Publisher: University of Massachusetts Press

A fascinating read and one I highly recommend. I also believe this particular book should play an important role in schooling the children of our political future. Well done!

Author: Hank Phillippi Ryan
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2797-4
Publisher: Mira Books

Ms. Ryan has really outdone herself on this last installment to the Charlotte McNally series

Author: Enna Neru
ISBN: 978-1-4327-2348-4
Publisher: Outskirts Press

It is a great storybook to read to smaller children so you can explain things as you go along. But for reading purposes, more suitable for an older child who might comprehend the story better. It’s a story children are sure to remember and possibly tell their own grandchildren one day

Author: Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
ISBN: 978-1-593150602-2
Publishers: by Vanguard Press

A “sticky subject” read 

Cindy Bauer, one of Bookpleasures's reviewers interviews award-winning author Gail Gaymer Martin

Author: Hank Phillippi Ryan  
ISBN-10: 0778327191 ISBN-13: 978-0778327196
Publisher: Mira Books (Harlequin)

Hank Ryan's done it again in yet another suspenseful, romantic story combined with her expertise in the field of news reporting

Author: Hank Phillippi Ryan
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2718-9
Publisher: MIRA Books (A Harlequin Imprint)

I love it when a series only gets better, a difficult task for any writer to accomplish, but Hank Ryan breezes through with top-notch literary skills. Her creativity with her characters is fantastic and I can’t wait to read the next book in this series to see what “Charlie’s” gotten herself entangled into next.

Cindy Bauer, One Of Bookpleasures' Reviewers Interviews Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of

Author: Hank Phillippi Ryan
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2717-2
Publisher: MIRA Books

Hank Phillippi Ryan delivers mystery, murder, romance and knowledge in the field with humor, and her familiarity of Boston makes Prime Time a riveting, first-person POV (usually a pet-peeve of mine) and I look forward to more books from this author. She’s dynamic in real life and it reflects in the dialogue and plotting of her writing as well.

Author: Preetham Grandhi
ISBN: 978-1-59955-235-4
Publisher: Sweetwater Books

As a debut novel, the author has done very well and I’m looking forward to future works. A definite must read!


Cindy Bauer of Interviews Best-Selling Author Lena Nelson Dooley

Author: Vanora Bennett
ISBN: 978-0-06-168984-0
Publisher: William Morrow (HarperCollins)

A splendid blend of romance and history as the author takes one into the world of silk making.

Review: The Dead Man

Author: Joel Goldman
ISBN: 978-0-7860-2040-9
Publisher: Pinnacle (Kensingtonbooks)

Goldman’s realistic setting, fast-paced dialogue and chilling plotting will have you wanting to read more in this gritty suspense series. I’m looking forward to more of this author’s work.

Cindy Bauer, one of Bookpleasures' reviewers interviews  Best Selling Inspirational Author Lenora Worth.

Author: Rebecca Lerwill

ISBN: 978-1-934938-40-9

Published: Langdon Street Press


Cindy Bauer, one of Bookpleasures' reviewers, interviews Jordan Dane author of No One Left To Tell, No One Lives Forever, No One Heard Her Scream, Evil Without a Face and The Wrong Side of Dead.

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