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Reviewer Fran Lewis: Fran worked in the NYC Public Schools as the Reading and Writing Staff Developer for over 36 years. She has three masters degrees and a PD in Supervision and Administration. Currently. She is a member of Who's Who of America's Teachers and Who's Who of America's Executives from Cambridge. In addition, she is the author of three children's books and a fourth Alzheimer’s book is Memories are Precious: Alzheimer’s Journey: Ruth’s story in honor of her mom. Fran hopes to create more awareness for a cure of Alzheimer.
She was also the musical director for shows in her school and ran the school's newspaper. Fran writes reviews for authors upon request and for several other sites. You can read some of my reviews on and on ijustfinished under the name Gabina. Follow Here To Listen to Fran's Radio Show and Here

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 Articles by this Author

Author: Eliot Pattison
ISBN: 978-1582436449
Publisher: Counterpoint

Author Vicki Delany
ISBN:ISBN: 978-1-59058-889-5
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press

Author: Gerard de Marigny
ISBN: 9781456575403
Publisher: JarRylJotNo Publishing  


Author: Capt Ed Boullianne, USN (RET.)
ISBN: 978098438903
Publisher: Blue Water Health Concepts

Author: John Vorhaus:
ISBN: 978-0-307-71780-1
Publisher:  Crown/Random House

Author: Kristi Yamaguchi
ISBN: 978-1402252754
Publisher: Sourcebooks

Author: Richard Barager
ISBN: 978-0983066101
Publisher: Interloper Press

Authors: Deborah Shilian and Linda Reid
ISBN: 978 1 933 515 89 2
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing

Author: Lynn Osterkamp
ISBN: 9781933826691
Publisher: PMI Books

Author:  Sue Macy
ISBN: 978-1426307614.
Publisher:  National Geographic Children's Books

Author Sue Macy presents more than just a written account of how the wheel changed and gave women a ride to freedom by adding pictures, news and magazine articles and ads helping the reader feel part of the excitement and experience the history first hand. Read and understand the impact of this great invention and : Keep Riding!

Author: Kath Russell
ISBN: 9781450563093
Publisher: Create Space
How dangerous can it be to walk your dog? What could possibly go wrong? Nola Billingsley owned her own company, which went belly up. One of her employees cleverly stole data, information and funds right from under her nose and caused the downfall of her company. Doing credit checks and background checks were not enough when it came to Roger Chen.

Author: Jeanne Denault
ISBN: 9781846943843
Publisher: O Books

Author: Calvin Helin
ISBN: 978-1932824087
Publisher: Ravencrest Publishing

Should everyone work? Should everyone that is able bodied and capable become part of the work force or should they be able to work the system, skirt around the issues and become part of the large group of Americans that indulge themselves in what some might dub: Government Handouts or Welfare rather than getting a job?

Author: Ward R. Jones
ISBN: 9781453805084
Publisher: Create Space
Can one workaholic and one Shakespearean scholar ever clear their overly packed schedules and make time for each other?

Author: Michael Palmer
ISBN: 9780312587529
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

 Power, greed, deceit, one man’s hope to save so many, one group determined to hold our government hostage and what happens will send shock waves right through you more powerful than earthquake or tornado as author Michael Palmer’s fast paced, realistic and thought provoking novel keeps the reader transfixed until you read the ending and find out the truth.

Author: Jennifer Chase

ISBN-10: 0982953607 : ISBN-13: 978-0982953600 

Publisher: JEC Publishing

Author: Dr. Barry L. Friedberg M.D.
ISBN: 9780982916902
Publisher: Goldilocks Press

After reading my review and this book your fears should be allayed and you will definitely be informed.

Author: Joseph Hayes
ISBN: 9780984387946
Publisher: Synergy Books

How can a tragedy turn into something positive? How can one man’s lies destroy so many? What happens will surprise the reader as the twists and turns will surprise you and endear you to both men in different ways.

Author Bruce De Silva
ISBN: 978-0-7653-2726-0
Publisher: Tor Forge

Hotter than a roaring fire that consumes a building in one blast, Rogue Island will kindle, ignite, set aflame and consume the reader in a novel that is so hot, so charged with excitement you will not want to turn the last page and read the last word

Author: Charles Brokaw

ISBN: 97807632033

Publisher: Forge Books  

Author: Lily Goldman
ISBN: 978-2-981138408
Publisher: Azergo Press

Imagine looking outside of your window and having the most magnificent garden with brightly colored flowers, rich green grass and flowers
with vibrant colors! Wouldn’t you be the envy of all of your neighbors?

Author: John T. Spike.

ISBN: 978-0865652668

Publisher: The Vendome Press

Author: Mary E. Martin

ISBN: 9781450229364

Publisher: Rising Star

This novel is about more than just drawing lessons, charcoal and painting on a canvas. It is about creating your own world and not concerning yourself with the thoughts and needs of others. In other words, being your own person and who you really are.

Author: Jeffrey Friedberg

ISBN: 978-0615384924

Publisher: Jeffrey Friedberg

Author: Aeronwy Thomas

ISBN: 978-1-61608-101-0

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

Aeronwy Thomas tells the story of her life with her father Dylan Thomas and her mother Caitlin in a novel that reveals much about this poet and father

  • Author: Roseann Lombardi
  • ISBN: 9781935097167
  • Publisher: Two Harbors
With an ending that you bring you to tears, author Roseann Lombardi’s tribute to her mom, Anna Plato Lauro, is a must read for anyone who is thinking about care for a loved outside their home

Author: Marilyn Jax
ISBN: 9781592983292
Publisher: Beaver Pond Press

Replete with history, vivid descriptions of the countryside, the many villages, foods, customs, and scenery, the author takes the reader on a tour of Crete and many other places in Greece making the reviewer want to get on a plane and see the sights for herself

Author: Jeffery Stephens
ISBN: 9781935142126
Publisher: Variance Publishing

A plot filled with distortions, secrets, illusions and manipulations crafted to show how easily people are taken in so others can gain power and control over them

Author: R.J. Ellory
ISBN: 978-752898742
Publisher: Overlook Press Publishing

This riveting and spellbinding novel brings into focus the difficult job of any police department and the lengths that some dedicated men and women will go to in order to protect their cities. This is the first novel I have reviewed by RJ Ellory and I hope to have the honor of reviewing his next release

Author: Michael Pennington
ISBN: 9781452819754
Publisher: Books by Michael Pennington

Creative, thought provoking, with characters what will astound the reader and let you know just how computer literate and smart kids are when accessing the internet, Michael Pennington has once again mystifies his readers with a thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end

Author: Michael Pennington
ISBN:1452810877 2
Publisher: Books by Michael Pennington

Author: Minnie Rose Lovgreen
ISBN: 9780982455395
Publisher: NW Trillium Press

Did you ever wonder why chicken takes so juicy and hens are so plump and delicious?

Author: Andy Andrews
ISBN:-10: 078523103X
ISBN:-13: 978-0785231035
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

I give this book five white roses. White roses are given to someone when you forgive them for what they have done

Author: Christopher Heard
ISBN:-10: 1926745027
ISBN:-13: 978-1926745022
Publisher: Transit Publishing

Brittany needs to fix that mirror and create a clearer picture. You don’t have to please the world, you need to be who you are and that is just fine and deserve a big hug and congrats for your comeback

Author: George Jack
ISBN: 9781936198009
Publisher: Langton Street Press

Author George Jack has created characters so clearly defined in their roles and definite personalities that the reader can’t wait to find out what is in store for the Chip and will he be able to neutralize Virus and conquer evil together?

Author: Ron Wilk
ISBN: 9781936183029
Publisher: Langdon Street Press

A cast of characters so clearly defined in their roles of deception and deceit and a plot filled with twists, turns and surprises, keeps the reader on edge until the end

Author: N. Chris Prince
ISBN: 9781934938942
Publisher: Langdon Street Press

Author: Alfred Langer
ISBN: 9781934938850
Publisher: Langton Street Press

Alfred Langer we are truly blessed that shared your story and your life with us. I am honored to have reviewed this heartfelt, heartbreaking and yet encouraging story of one family who would never take defeat. As your mother said: God did not mean for us to be ruined. You more than proved him right

Author: Richard Doster
Publisher: David C. Cook
ISBN-10: 1434700100

Richard Doster reminds us of how far we have come, and how far we still need to go. And how nice it would be to embrace our differences—of race, color and creed

Author: Georgina Salgado Chavez, ND,LAC,Ht
ISBN: 9781439227466
Publisher: BookSurge

Author: Dr. Charles Glassman
ISBN-10: 0984196307: ISBN-13: 978-0984196302
Publisher: RTS Publishing

With the help of Dr. Glassman and this informative and innovative book, you can take control of who you are, and no longer let your automatic brain dominate you.

Author: Wayne Pletcher
ISBN: 9781934938836
Publisher: Bascom Hill Books

You won’t believe the ending it will leave you guessing and wanting more. Definitely a must read

Author: Janice Stanger, Ph.D
ISBN: 9780984106738
Publisher: Perfect Planet Solutions

The Perfect Formula Diet is not a run of the mill diet that you will see publicized on television, the news or newspapers

Author: Georgene Dana Collins
ISBN: 978-098456804
Publisher: Collins Information Services

Obesity Free Forever is not about a diet, it is about making positive changes in your life and creating your plan to lose weight

Author: Dawn Del Russo
ISBN: 978-144956336
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing

Fashionistas and Glam Queens out there this book is a definite must have for 2010 and your fashion book library

Author: Steven Nedelton
ISBN: 978194337561
Publisher: Asylett Press

What if you had the ability to control someone’s actions and thoughts from a distance and they would be none the wiser?

Author: Joseph Burke
ISBN-10: 1934938505
ISBN-13: 978-1934938508
Publisher: Langdon Street Press

Author: Judith March Davis
ISBN: 9781934938904
Publisher: Langdon Street Press

Dorothy Rowe left the world a great legacy in her books, poetry, articles and her articles. But, the best tribute to a parent and legacy is one that Judith March Davis has written and the special toast she made to her mother when she went and fulfilled her dream of going to China

Author: Richard Schenkman
Publisher: GMI Books

I do hope that the author writes the sequel and let’s us know the future of Athena and her family

Author: Stephanie Heuer
ISBN: 978-1-60005-097-8
Publisher: HappyAbout

Dignity Rocks should be in school libraries, the office guidance counselors, study schools, hospital libraries, group homes, and schools and in every home for all children to read. Dignity Rocks and so does author Stephanie Heuer for writing this book and sharing it with us.

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