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Reviewer Lois C. Henderson: Lois is a freelance academic editor and back-of-book indexer, who spends most of her free time compiling word search puzzles for tourism and educative purposes. Her puzzles are available HERE and HERE Her Twitter account (@LoisCHenderson) mainly focusses on the toponymy of British place names. Please feel welcome to contact her with any feedback at LoisCourtenayHenderson@gmail.com.

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 Articles by this Author

Author: Joyce White

Series: Sculpting the Heart Series, 4th Edition 

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 978-0-557-22371-8

White’s poems, which are all in free verse, should appeal to all those who are responsive to both the visual and written forms of artistic expression. Inspirational and accessible, her poems should uplift your spirit and might even encourage you to start on your own personal exploration of the creative potential within you

Author: T.P. Jones

Publisher: Austin, TX: Synergy Books, c. 2010

ISBN: 978-0-9842358-8-9

Author: Dennis Palumbo

Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press

ISBN: 1590587529

An upbeat setting, convincing characters and a plot that has one on the edge of one’s seat from page one—what more could a reader ask for in a crime novel?

Author: Roy Holman

Publisher: Everett, WA: Holman Health Connections

ISBN: 978-0-615-29882-5

Author: Hank Quense

Publisher: Hank Quense

ISBN: 9781452871264

This delightful collection of six short stories and two novellas is set in the mythical realm of Gundarland on a planet named Gundar, which, according to Quense, was named after “the omniscient god who accidentally created the universe with an explosive sneeze caused by snorting a larger-than-average dose of His favorite recreational powder.” As you can gather, this work is only for older kids and their insightful parents…

Author: Hank Warren

Publisher:  iUniverse, c. 2009

ISBN: 978-1-4401-3400-5

Author: Ngakma Nor’dzin

Publisher: Penarth: Aro Books worldwide

ISBN: 978-1-898185-17-8

Author: Cory Hamblin

Publisher: Rosedog Books

ISBN: 978-1-4349-9605-3

Author: Aeronwy Thomas

Publisher: New York: Skyhorse Publishing, c. 2009

ISBN: 978-1-61608-101-0

This memoir by the daughter of Dylan Thomas is written in a simple and straightforward style, telling of the many years that his family spent living in the Boat House in Langharne, thanks to Dylan’s patron, Margaret Taylor

Author: Zoë S. Roy

Publisher: Inanna Publications and Education Inc.

ISBN:  978-0-9782233-7-3

This collection of seventeen pieces of short fiction is as delicate and fine as the most intricately woven filigree

Author: Joyce White

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 978-1-4343-2066-7

The text radiates joy, and should inspire anyone who has ever had the slightest yen to start experimenting with any material which can be molded to give voice to one’s spiritual search for meaning

Author: Manal M. Omar

Publisher:  Sourcebooks

ISBN: 978-1-4022-3721-8

Giving both an insider’s and an outsider’s view of the unfolding drama of Iraq, the memoir should prove worthwhile reading for anyone who has a keen interest in developments in the Middle East

Author: Kathy Brodsky

Illustrator: Cameron Bennett

Publisher: Helpingwords

ISBN-13: 978-0-578-05059-1: ISBN-10: 0-578-05059-5

Author: Kathryn Starke

Publisher: Creative Minds Publications

ISBN: 0-9769737-0-7


Author: Gerry Boylan

Publisher: Synergy Books

ISBN-13: 978-0-9843879-3-9: ISBN-10: 0-9843879-3-5

Delightfully illustrated, with a drawing at the start of each essay, Gerry Tales is a raconteur’s dream, and should serve as inspiration for many a wedding or Toastmaster’s speech

Author: Donna Marie Seim

Publisher: Peapod Press

ISBN-10: 0982691106: ISBN-13: 978-0982691106

For any child between the age of 8 and 12 who loves the sea, this middle reader is a must. A modern-day adventure story of a girl and her kid brother, who are packed off to their Gram and Gramps, who live on a remote island in the Caribbean, is both heartwarming and inspirational

Author: Jamie Hershing and James Stanson

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services


Author: C.S. Lakin

Publisher: AMG Publishers / Living Ink Books

ISBN-13: 978-089957-888-0: ISBN-10: 0-89957-888-8

The Wolf of Tebron should appeal to modern-day youth, who tend to be so enthralled by the cult of werewolves and vampires.

Author: Jo Coudert

Publisher: Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd., Don Mills, Ont., Canada

ISBN-13: 978-0-373-89230-3

Demanding little of the reader apart from a loving heart, these stories are ideal gems with which to snuggle up on a cold winter’s night, and so light as to be the perfect companion for those who are not in the best of health. In short, if you love animals, you will love this book, and even if you don’t, you might find that The Dog Who Healed a Family: And Other True Animal Stories That Warm the Heart & Touch the Soul will make you repent your miscreant ways :)

Author: D.J.Herda

Publisher: New Society Publishers, Gabriola Island, BC, Canada

ISBN: 978-0-86571-665-0

Noting the increasing acceptability of the idea of growing edible plants in containers, internationally renowned master grower D. J. Herda sets out in From Container to Kitchen: Growing Fruits and Vegetables in Pots to explore which fruits and vegetables grow best in pots, which varieties outperform their less robust cousins, how to plant and nurture your crops from planting to harvest, how to build your own best recipe for gardening success and how best to get the message out to others: the time is right for organic gardening

Author: Vicki Courtney (with quizzes and interactive pieces written by Susan Jones)
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
ISBN: 978-0-8054-4985-3

Warmth radiates from this colorful text, as does the kind and compassionate approach of the author, Vicki Courtney

Author: Polly Frost

Publisher: Rapture House, New York

ISBN: 978-0-615-37648-6


Polly Frost reassures the reader that she has done her best to ensure that each and every one of the twenty-five humor pieces in With One Eye Open is “entirely free of seriousness”

Compilers and editors: Arlene Uslander and Brenda Warneka

Publisher: R. J. Buckley Publishing, Queen Creek, AZ.

ISBN: 978-0-9819654-2-0

Be inspired and ennobled by this collection of over fifty true stories, shared with you by people from all over the world and all walks of life. Decide for yourself in each case, was it just a common coincidence, or was it Divine Intervention? 

Author: Bo Hoefinger

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp

ISBN: 13: 978-0-8065-3129-8. ISBN-10: 0-8065-3129-0

For any dog lover, this ‘memoir’ is a must—it’ll no doubt lead to you recalling any and all memories that you have of any dog that you have ever owned or known. [For a golden retriever / chowchow cross, Bo writes very well indeed, and deserves the golden paw print of approval.]

Author: Jonathan Rogers
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-1-59555-305-8

This lively text should appeal to both youngster and adult alike, and should serve as a welcome addition to any home, school or college library

Author: Kevin Belmonte
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-1-59555-304-1

Just how the semi-schooled son of a tinker came to write one of the most influential books in the entire pantheon of English literature provides the gist of Belmonte’s biography

Author: Kevin Belmonte
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-1-59555-304-1

Just how the semi-schooled son of a tinker came to write one of the most influential books in the entire pantheon of English literature provides the gist of Belmonte’s biography

Author: John Perry
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-1-59555-306-5

Based largely on Winston Churchill’s own writings, Christian Perspectives: Winston Churchill describes Churchill’s life and times from a Christian perspective

Author:  Cinny Green
Illustrator Maureen Burdock
Western Edge Press
ISBN-10: 1889921505. ISBN-13: 9781889921501

With the Trail Writer’s Guide in hand, you have no excuse not to start writing along the trail, so don your hiking boots and backpack, pocket your notebook and pen, and head for the great outdoors…  

Author: Mitch Stokes
ISBN: 978-1-59555-303-4

Author: Malla Nunn
ISBN: 978-1-4165-8622-7

Let the Dead Lie is a well rounded, believable novel that should gain a wide audience, as well as being a work in which contemporary historians and those affected by post-traumatic stress disorder should take an interest

Author: Peter Leithart
ISBN: 978-1-59555-302-7

In this theologically grounded non-fiction approach to one of the leading English novelists of the 19th century, Leithart reveals his appreciation of the mastery of the drawing room milieu by this pre-eminent literary historian of manners

Author: Duaa Anwar
ISBN: 978-1-4327-5149-4

Duaa Anwar has attributed the writing of this book to the inspiration that she has received from her horse, Gerry. Basing the text on assigning attributes usually thought of as human to horses, Anwar insists that every one of her ideas is based on fact and is supported by real-life encounters

Author: Anne Plantagenet; translated from the French by Willard Wood
(Originally published as Seule au rendez-vous in 2005 by Éditions Robert Laffont, Paris).
ISBN: 978-1-59051-278-4 (pbk.). ISBN: 978-1-59051-372-9 (e-book)

The Last Rendezvous is the fictional autobiography of the dedicated poet and reluctant actress, Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, who lived from 1786 to 1859

Author: Richard A. Singer Jr.
Publisher: Author House
ISBN 13: 978-1-4490-5623-0

Brief it may be (consisting of only 60 pages), but the insights that it offers may well serve to revolutionize your life.        


Author:  Rosemary Trible
Publisher: VIM Publishers
ISBN: 10: 1-935265-09-1 ISBN: 13: 978-1-935265-09-2

Author: Sarah Totton
Publisher: Fantastic Books
ISBN 10: 1-60459-932-4. ISBN 13: 978-1-60459-932-9

Animythical Tales contain just enough of reality to place the scenes within the broader context of the real world, so that the readers are not estranged from what transpires in the course of the stories themselves

Author: Joan Klostermann-Ketels. Forres
Publisher: Scotland: Findhorn Press
ISBN: 978-1-84409-191-1

This photographic essay is both enchanting and intriguing, while simultaneously leaving one asking for more. In her afterword, Klostermann-Ketels describes how this book came to be:

Author: Melanie Lenart
Publisher: The University of Arizona Press
ISBN: 978-0-8165-2723-6

Award-winning ex-journalist turned academic, Melanie Lenart sets out in Life in the Hothouse to see what lessons from the past, including from the two especially hot periods of the Cretaceous and the Eocene, can teach us about our present-day situation and about how we can prepare ourselves for our future on what promises to become an increasingly hot planet

Author: Brad Herzog
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp
ISBN-13: 978-0-8065-3202-8.  ISBN-10: 0-8065-3202-5

Frankly, after encountering Paul Theroux’s well-written travelogues of life on the road, I never again expected to find another travel writer who appealed to me more – that was until I started reading Brad Herzog’s Turn Left at the Trojan Horse

Translated by Oskar Frankfurt:
Publisher: Translation Press
ISBN: 978-0-615-34694-6

The diction used in the translation itself is thoroughly contemporary and is easy to understand, so that Frankfurt has attained what he originally set out to do. However, the author would be well advised to expand on, and to contextualize, the next edition of his translation, so that the work becomes accessible to a much wider readership than that to which it is currently available

Author:  Dennis Palumbo
Publisher: Tallfellow® Press, Inc
ISBN: 978-1-931290-60-9

Entertaining, witty and up to the moment, this collection of short stories is well worth the read, and might even inspire you to start your own focus group!     

Author: Barry Roberts
ISBN: 0-9700246-1-4

Practice Safe Stress is highly recommended for all those who sometimes feel overwhelmed by the plethora of urban mishaps that threaten to infringe on one’s sense of individuality, let alone to undermine one’s very sanity, in the rush and scurry of today’s cosmopolitan lifestyle

Author: Charles D. Hayes 
Publisher: Wasilla, AK: Autodidactic Press
ISBN-13: 978-0-9621979-7-0
ISBN-10: 0-9621979-7-1

To sum up your entire approach in an equation takes guts, and that is exactly what Charles D. Hayes has plenty of. September University is an aspirational work, based on the author’s assumption that “age + curiosity × attitude = a greater quality of life and hope for humanity”

Author: Isabelle Glorieux-Desouche
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
ISBN: 978-0-7112-3091-0

Have Fun Exploring The World Wide Spectrum of Global Art

Editor: John Wareham. New York:
Publisher:Welcome Rain Publishers
ISBN 10: 1-56649-959-3: ISBN 12: 978-1-56649-959-0.

Love, Life and Lust in Double Spread

Author: Steven P. Unger
Publisher: World Audience
Edited by M. Stefan Strozier.
ISBN: 978-1-935444-53-4

Clearly, this book is extremely well organized and logical in its presentation. It is also extremely well written – the reader is swept along for the ride through the relatively unspoiled Romanian countryside...

Editor: St. Vincent, Justin 
Publisher: Xtreme Music
ISBN: 978-0-473-15690-9

No matter how you choose to read this text, you are bound to learn more about the main theme: the spiritual significance of music, as personally experienced by more than one hundred contributors, many of whom are extremely well known

Author: Kendal Finley Privette.
Publisher: lulu.com
ISBN-10: 0557083532;
ISBN-13: 978-0557083534

A Journal Of Recovery, in Free Verse Form

Author: Reneau Peurifoy\
Publisher: Lifeskills Publications
ISBN-13: 978-0-929437-16-3. ISBN-10: 0-929437-16-0

Why Did God Give Us Emotions? is most definitely not an overnight read, but rather a spiritual workbook that requires effort and insight – after all, you can’t expect an epiphany in the form of instant gratification, can you?

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