Sandie Kirkland

Reviewer Sandie Kirkland: Sandie has a degree in Early Childhood Education and an MBA.  She started her career as a kindergarten teacher, and then taught in other grades for a few years before going back to college for a degree in computer programming.  At that point, she started teaching at the college level in various technology subjects.  For the past twelve years, she has been the CIO of a large community college with about 12,000 students.  Reading is her relaxation after days spent implementing projects and working towards future visions of how technology can make others more productive.


 Articles by this Author

Author:  Bonnie McGee
ISBN:  9780615250595
Publisher:  Skylark Publications

This book is recommended for readers who enjoy travel books as well as for those interested in hearing about reaching out and grabbing the dream of another life.  Those who indulge will come away inspired and refreshed.  This is a gorgeous book and one that is highly recommended

Author's Name:  Thad Carhart
ISBN:  9780385529778
Publisher:  Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group

This book is recommended for lovers of historical fiction. I enjoyed getting to know Jean-Baptiste, and I think others will also

Author: Andrea Sisco
Publisher: Five Star Publishing
ISBN: 978-1594147951

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