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Reviewer Lavanya Karthik: Lavanya is from Mumbai, India and is a licensed architect and consultant in environmental management. She lives in Mumbai with her husband and six-year old daughter. She loves reading and enjoys a diverse range of authors across genres.

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Author:  Charles Tillinghast
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN 978-1-4327-2924-051095

This deceptively slim book (under a 100 pages) provides an interesting behind the scenes look at the Beatles’ relationship with their American recording company, Capitol Records and, more significantly, with each other. It briefly chronicles the fortunes of both the Beatles and Capitol Records from their alliance in 1962, through to the band’s break up less than a decade later. As one of the lawyers handling the Beatles’ contracts at Capitol Records, the author had the opportunity to interact with the Beatles, and observe their business relationship with Capitol at close quarters.

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