Randi Hull

Reviewer Randi Hull started her career self- publishing a few children's books and eventually her children's story To the Moon and Back that became quite popular. Randi has since acquired her own publishing company, Puddle Creek Books under which she published not only her first book, but a few fiction titles as well. She specializes in local (Central New York) authors and has just released the autobiograpy, Uncertain Roads by James Furney of Sherrill, NY.

Randi has written many book reviews for various authors and she is a member of two writing associations as well as Authors Den and Shoutlife. She is also a journalist, writing front page business news for The Oneida Press, as well as her own column entitled Spilled Milk featured each month in The Oneida Dispatch. They have a special section for women in business called Women In Motion. In short, she is a one-woman show. Click Here to learn more about Randi.


 Articles by this Author

Author: Shirley A. Roe
ISBN: 978-1-906806-51-4
Publisher: Real Time Publishing   Limerick, Ireland

An intense, yet somehow elegant thrill ride from beginning to end

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