Author: Rubye Graham-Emerson
ISBN: 0-75961-640-X

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Too often people just don’t seem to realize the importance of preparing their children for college. It is just not something that many of us tend to feel overly concerned about—assuming that if our children stay in school until they graduate from the High School, they will automatically attend college. This type of thinking has caused the United States to fall far behind many so-called ‘undeveloped’ countries in the area of continuing education—beyond the high school years.

In her book The Road To A College Education, Rubye Graham-Emerson, does a remarkable job of laying the ground work to help prospective college students to prepare themselves and get the help they need from various sources to set them on the road to a better life through higher education.

Through her in-depth research and well-rounded informational sources, Ms. Graham-Emerson has written a book that is a must-read for students, parents, and educators alike. With amazing foresight, she has shown a grave commitment and concern for our young people who are struggling to make a place for themselves in a world that has no tolerance for those with little or no dedication to their own futures.\

She works hard to instill in each person a will to learn and grow by preparing as early as elementary school for the years ahead where a college degree may loom on the horizon for the prepared child. Children should most certainly begin preparing for that college entrance exam no later than the ninth grade. Developing strict study habits at an early age are a must. This is where the child’s parents can help the most. Help your child by teaching them to set aside a certain time period for study in a quiet, undisturbed surrounding. Developing good study habits at an early age can be one of the most important advantages a college-bound student can have.

Information about grants and student aid and scholarships are some areas that parents need to delve into early on as they and their children prepare for their journey on The Road to a College Education. Read this book and you won’t have to second-guess about what lies around the bend your child’s future.

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