Author: Jennifer Remling & Joe Remling
ISBN-13: 978-1-60163-052-0

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Hook a shiny new Airstream up to a big SUV.  Jump in and take off across the country.   See the sights.  Visit new places.  Interview successful people who made positive changes in their own lives. Write a book that will help others realize their dreams.  This was Jennifer Remling’s dream.

Carve Your Own Road is the two-part handbook that is the realization of her dream.

The first part of the book reveals the path Jennifer Rembling took to: one) understanding that she was unfulfilled in her current career position, two) discovering exactly what her dream was, and three) creating a plan and a path to make that dream a reality.  Concurrently, her husband Joe was making a similar journey in his own professional life.

The first half of the book weaves Jennifer’s and Joe’s stories together as they learn, both individually and as a couple, what is and is not working in their professional lives, and the impact it is having on their personal lives. Throughout the telling of their stories the Remilings share hints and ideas as well as the stories of other successful entrepreneurs.  These start the reader down the path of analyzing his own life and career, and his place in them.

The second part of the book details the seven step process for putting yourself into The Mindset of Clarity, that place in life that where a person is open to receiving guidance and help, and achieving his dream.  The Seven Aspects – or steps - for achieving the Mindset of Clarity to are easy to understand, but not necessarily easy to follow.  Old habits tend to die slowly.  With commitment and diligence anyone can incorporate the Seven Aspects into their life and embark on the journey toward living the life they dream of and long for.

Carve Your Own Road is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  In fact many people who travel this path find that money is not nearly as important as a quality, creative lifestyle is. Carve Your Own Road is a proven method of learning how to take your skills and experience, and put them to work to create the type of career and lifestyle that brings you the most fulfillment, peace and joy, and leaves you time to spend with the people you love.  It won’t happen easy, and it won’t happen fast, but you will be able to make your dream happen.  The journey will be surprising, challenging, sometimes scary and hard, other times thrilling. 

While the book is geared to those who have climbed the corporate ladder and found life at the top less than satisfying, it does offer a wealth of ideas and suggestions anyone can use to learn how to live the life they dream of, and enjoy a career that utilizes the best of their talents and skills and delivers satisfaction at the end of each day.

Are you ready to throw off the corporate shackles and find a freer, more creative life style?  Do you have dreams and ideas buzzing around in your head begging for release?  Are you longing for more time with your family?  More time to indulge yourself in the things you enjoy most? Carve Your Own Road could very well be your first step in a journey toward all that and more.

Click Here To Purchase Carve Your Own Road: Do What You Love and Live the Life You Envision