Author: James Patterson and Ned Rust
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
ISBN: 978-0-316-03618-4

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Daniel X, whose mission is “to safeguard the Earth from a deadly alien scourge” has the best of all earthly reason for being absent from school:”Daniel is locked in mortal combat with an electromagnetically gifted, levitating catfish from a planet eleven thousand four hundred light years away.”

Daniel’s foe is number five on The List of Alien Outlaws on Terra Firma. Number Five is a malodorous, electrically charged, extraterrestrial villain who makes “low tide smell like Obsession for Men.” He and his henchbeasts have invaded earth as a location for the latest production of endertainment, an extreme reality show that is watched in the skies, so to speak.

As in The Dangerous Days of Daniel X, Daniel and his posse of imaginary friends—yep, truly imaginary, conjured up from the depths of Daniel’s Alparian brain—are all that stand between the invading nasties and the annihilation of life on Earth. Daniel and friends have arrive in Hollisville, the epicenter of endertainment production, an occupied town in which something fishy is happening—caviar is free and women are incubating “alien spawn.”

Daniel X is a shape-shifter. He can assume the form of earth’s mightiest mammal, the elephant, an animal that not everybody knows actually originated on Daniel’s home planet. He can assume the form of a blood-sucking gnat and annoy furious fiends. And, if need be, he can assume the form of the deadly elephant-spider. Oh yes, and Daniel is now mastering the feat of teleportation.

To entertain readers who expect some romance in a novel, the writers have given Daniel a teenage honey—Judy Blue Eyes. Judy’s mere presence is enough to trigger Alien Hunter super ability number 415. “I can blush so hard,” Daniel confesses, “that Santa could probably give Rudolph a season off and have me guide his sleigh at night.”

In this young adult novel, James Patterson and Ned Rusted are blatantly—not a bad thing—encouraging young people to read. How? By suggesting, for instance, there are things to fix in schools; that novel like Silas Marner are boring—ain’t it the truth!?. “They use that book,” says Daniel, “to punish criminals on my home planet.”

Despite death and destruction galore, Daniel X: Watch the Skies is humorous entertainment, not endertainment, and readers should watch the skies for further adventures of the young Alien Hunter from Alparia.

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