The world is full of literature. Everywhere we look, we see novels, magazines, anthologies, genealogies, journals, newspapers, advertising – the list is endless.

Sometimes it seems almost useless to add to the heap of existing literature, but don’t give in to feelings of frustration or discouragement. What is inside you is unique. It is exhilarating. There are no two people in the world with the same fingerprints, and no two people who have the same effect on others. But that is only one of the reasons why you should write.

Many people take up writing as a hobby, just to put their thoughts in order and express them. Some have no interest whatever in presenting their work for publication, while others write only for publication. No matter what kind of writing you like, you will find that writing is fulfilling.

You may even find that you would like to take a writing class to whet your talents and learn better how to phrase your thoughts. It is this skill of stringing words together in the right order that will make your writing go to the next level.

Too many writers let their busy lives pull them away from the thing that will satisfy them the most. Don’t let that happen to you. Almost anyone can afford a nominally priced writing course.

The best course to choose is one that has a mentor. Teachers will tell you what is right and wrong, but mentors are available all week long to help you improve your writing style.

If you think you have no talent for writing, but would like to give it a try, please do. You’ll be glad you did. The very fact that you have a desire to write says you probably have latent talents waiting to be developed. Most people who want to write can write.

You’ve heard of "use it or lose it". That is true of almost anything. If you smother the desire to write, it may never resurface. You will never know what you could have done, what mile markers you could have left behind, what influence you might have had, and what enjoyment has passed you by.

Plunge in for a cool, refreshing dip, and give yourself the opportunity to find a new, exciting door to a more bountiful life.