Author: Gary Morgenstein
ISBN: 978-1442114609

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Jess Katz was in love again. But this time it was way different than the 30ish woman with curling brown hair reading a Jodi Picoult novel on the F train, who’d met his dimpled smile as if he were Michael Myers . . . No, hello, this was true love, right here in God’s shrine.

Jess sort of crashed a bat-mitzvah and instantly fell in love – or was it lust – when he set his eyes upon the lovely Thalia Kelinman.  But wait, how can Jess be in love with Rabbi Kleinman when he’s still love his ex-wife, Ellen, who berated him for showing up at the Bar Mitzvah in the first place?  And so begins Loving Rabbi Tahalia Kleinman: Sex and Romance In God's House by Gary Morgenstein.

What follows is a crazy, twisting journey into love, longing, desire - and yes, even sex - filled will a cast of fractured but loveable characters all involved in odd crusades for lost causes.  

Ellen can’t quite function on her own without calling Jess to “fix” her latest catastrophe. Jess finds himself living with his quirky best friend, who wants to start an organization for straight men who are happy living without women.  Rabbi Thalia is struggling to help her traumatized brother, Bobby, lead a normal life, maintain her place in the community and find a loving relationship.  Thalia and Bobby’s uncle who draws Jess into the midst of his scheme is trying to create a new homeland for the Jews.  Through all of this Jess and Thalia strive to find a place in their hearts and in their lives for each other.

Mr. Morgenstien takes this cast of diverse characters and weaves them together into a nubby but interesting story that delves into the hearts of middle-aged men and takes a good look at changes life thrusts on all of us as time marches past.  Throughout the book he reveals glimpses of life in the Jewish community in Brooklyn and some of the underlying beliefs that bind this unique group together.

The story is fast-paced – at times almost too much so for the subject matter.  In spite of the pace and the rather convoluted plot, about a third of the way though the book, I realized I was wrapped up in the characters’ lives and  longing for them to see beyond some of their own foibles and move on to happiness and new challenges.

Loving Rabbi Tahalia Kleinman: Sex and Romance In God's House is a look at middle-age, love, romance and sex from a masculine point of view.  Men will identify and women will roll their eyes and say “So that’s what he was thinking!”  Will Jess win the heart of the delectable Rabbi Thalia in the end? – Read the book and find out!

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