Author: James David Jordan
Publisher: B & H Publishing Group
ISBN: 978-0-8054-4754-5

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James David Jordan has penned two other novels prior to Double Cross. Mr. Jordan has degrees in law and journalism and an MBA from the University of Illinois. Currently, he works as a business attorney in the greater Dallas, Texas area where he is generally well received. He has a wife and two children. (Back cover, 2009) You may find out more about the author from his web site.

First of all, let me say that I would easily hold Mr. Jordan in the same esteemed company as authors, James Hall, Patricia Cornwell and Stuart Woods. From the first pages of Mr. Jordan’s novel Double Cross until the conclusion he manages to entertain and create drama/suspense for the reader. The lead character is a woman in her late twenties, Taylor Pasbury, who herself has a tragic past yet managed to reach the highest levels of law enforcement, the Secret Service before retiring to own her own security company in the Dallas area.

Ms. Pasbury has recently taken on a famous tele-evangelist as a client in her security firm. He is being blackmailed. During this new endeavor Ms. Pasbury gets as close as family to the preachers young college-aged daughter and the preacher himself. As she investigates the blackmailing, many darker things occur. These incidents are seemingly unconnected until she digs deeper into her own and the tele-evangalist’s past. This story takes many unlikely twists and turns before its surprise ending. Is it someone the tele-evangelist works with or someone from outside of this religious network?

By the end of this tale Ms. Pasbury has found out some pretty revealing things about herself, as well as, solved this mystery. Because it is a murder/mystery/blackmail conspiracy that takes place in the religious sector, there are some religious undertones, but they are well placed and well served in the greater context of this story.

I give James David Jordan a thumbs up! Thank you Mr. Jordan for a very good read!

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