Authors: Amanda Spink and Steve Gye
Publishers: Clear Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-0-9805698-4-1

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Sometimes a book comes along that changes the reader’s life.  Occasionally its for the bad, but most of the time it is a positive change.  Something written in the book reaches out and touches the soul of the reader.  For me, Voice of the Mountain was one of those books.

Daniel Bradley’s life has been totally decimated.  His wife was killed in a car accident and he was behind the wheel.  Though he was not at fault, the guilt won’t go away.  He can’t stand his old job or old life.  He decides there is only one choice; to commit suicide.

He chose to go to Hawaii to end his life, but instead he finds a new beginning.  He discovers a small, sparsely populated island and rents himself a shack.  While it is relaxing, the real life change comes from what happens next.  As he floats on his surfboard or just sits quietly, voices enter his thoughts.  They are not his own, but messages from higher beings he dubs ‘voices.’  They urge him to reconnect to the earth and open himself to discovery.  They continue to teach him and by following their suggestions he becomes healthy in mind and body.

He begins to share this wisdom with people on retreats to his beach and he even finds romance.  Things are perfect until a volcano destroys the island.  Will the voices of the mountain continue with no mountain?

This book is amazing both in message and in the tale itself.  Daniel was an ordinary guy who finds that the voices could communicate to him when his mind was open.  That gives readers hope, for if he could do it we can too.  It opens an exciting new realm, the chance to reach a higher plane.  It also is very believable because Daniel isn’t a mystic, but just a guy who is no more gifted than any of us.  It gives an example of a real world link to a higher place.

The next part that touched me so was the message itself.  The voices told him that humanity is slowly dying.  Our body is polluted with bad food and drink, we live inside and lack healing sunlight, and we have lost the earth connection that is vital to human existence.  We are also killing the planet with our pollution.  Only by returning to nature and to the earth can humans find healing and be able to one day hear the messages as well.

That is all so true.  It made me think of my junk food diet and days of setting inside writing instead of going outside.  I realized I was killing myself and I have sworn to change.  Very few books have impacted me in this way.  Read it and see what truths you find.

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