Author: Janet Lowe
ISBN: 978-0-470-39854-8
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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Within ten years Google has emerged as the top Internet search engine. Their founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the words of author Janet Lowe, “have become the undisputed lords of information.” They have changed the world, and as Lowe mentions in her conclusion, “their story, and that of Google, makes one of the most interesting tales of this century.”

How did it all happen and who are these “lords?” Why did Time magazine in 2006 calls Google the “smartest company of the year and one of the century’s most game-changing enterprises?  The answers will be found in Lowe’s Google Speaks: Secrets of the World’s Greatest Billionaire Entrepreneurs, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. In addition, Lowe explores such topics as the ramifications of a single company becoming our primary portal to the entire World Wide Web. Why should individuals be concerned about privacy issues in relation to Google or other search engines? Who is the owner of intellectual property, and who is entitled to use the music, books, art, and other creations to earn money? Do you believe Google has become too powerful? What is the future for Google as it matures?  

In the introduction to the book, Lowe informs her readers that the primary focus of the book is more on the company and the personalities who created and run Google rather than on its products and ideas. The reason for this is that Google is always coming up with new products and ideas, and it is very difficult to keep up with them. We are also informed that the book is largely based on the words of Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt, and others at Google. And to facilitate the reading of the book, Lowe has included a timeline in the back of the book as well as a glossary in order to understand the unique language of the Internet.

Divided into twelve chapters and a conclusion, Lowe’s opening chapters begin by telling us all about Sergey Brin and Larry Page, how they met, how they started the Google search engine, and how they recruited Eric Schmidt. Schmidt is often called “the third leg of Google,” as he helps keep balance.  From here we learn about the creation of the name, logo, Google Zeitgeist, its vision, modus operandi, culture, being a good citizen, going public, maturing, its future, its dominance in the industry, its business model, lawsuits, its satellite, expansion, employee relations, copyright infringement, antitrust concerns, personal privacy and many more.

There is quite a bit of territory covered in this tome and probably there are certain sections that would even warrant a book in itself. Lowe’s style is light and easy to read, and she presents an entertaining blend of history with anecdotes. Books of this nature can sometimes be dull, however, Lowe avoids this pitfall with a snappy, entertaining prose, bolstered by a great deal of research and very interesting interviews.  It truly is a story about an amazing company. However, the big question still looms, should we admire Google or fear it?   

Janet Lowe is the author of Warren Buffet Speaks, Jack Welch Speaks, and Bill Gates Speaks. She has contributed articles to such publications as Newsweek, the Christian Science, Monitor, the Los Angeles Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

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