Author: Paul Anders
Publisher: zanybooks
ISBN: 978-1441405524

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When I started to read this book I realized that the character, Paul Anders was unique and quite different from most characters in mysteries. He has a distinct personality and a way of getting around tough situations that most people would not. What really stands out about him is that he is blind and never uses his blindness as an excuse not to succeed at what he wants to do. This brings us to Blind Man and the Bimbo by Paul Anders.

The story unfolds with Paul Anders going to a dance hall for some dancing and fun. Alongside him is his driver and assistant, Marci who he has nicknamed Girl. Little does he know that this would not turn out to be an ordinary night out. Things for him and Girl would change within the matter of a few hours. Dancing with various women and starting to loosen up, he meets Donna and her son Greg. Donna is a great dancer, and he would like to get her know her better. She leaves after their dance to find her son, Greg. Paul and Girl are about to leave the dance hall when Donna’s son Greg approaches them to help find his mother. Searching the Big Hoss Dance Hall they come face to face with Frank, a friend of Greg’s father and Donna. It seems that Artie, Greg’s father borrowed money from a loan shark to buy some drugs, which he was to deliver to some Columbian Drug Dealers. But, he keeps the drugs, hides them and the money too. This starts a chain reaction of events leading to a final scene that is quite different from what the reader might expect.

Throughout the book Paul meets many different women who he is attracted to and who are attracted to him. He meets the nymphomaniac social worker, Donna, a Reverend, who is not so reverend in his actions and ways and Diane.

Trying to find Donna and help keep Greg safe, Paul becomes attached to the young teenager and goes to just about any length to help solve the mystery of what happened to his mother, his father and the stolen drugs and more. However, the cast of characters becomes a bit confusing and just what part each plays even more at times.

When Paul finally finds Donna tied up in the cabin where her ex-husband says he left her tied up, he succumbs to her charm and beauty not realizing that she might just be involved in her own kidnap and more. Added to that taking her and her son home with him and becoming close to her hoping that their relationship will blossom and turn into something permanent.

But, Marci is smart, intelligent and uses her deductive reasoning to enlighten Paul about Donna and the end result is not exactly what you might expect. Meeting her in the cabin where he originally found her with Marci and Greg, he returns only to find The Reverend and Diane a woman he met at the dance hall rummaging through the cabin. Finding both the money and the drugs the Reverend prepares to make his getaway but not before tying up both Paul and Diane. The events that follow are not quite what I expected.

After he and Marci overtake the Reverend and tie him up, Donna shows up at the cabin. Things do not exactly turn out the way he thought they would. She is not the sweet, kind and wonderful person and mother she appears to be. Pretending to find both the money and the drugs where her ex-husband hid them, she tells Paul that she will use the money for her son’s college education and not repay it to the loan sharks. She will keep the drugs and sell it to kids like her son. This of course does not go over with Paul or anyone else.

What does happen is not what you would expect. There is a definite twist at the end, which the reader does not see coming. Being blind and able to get around the way he does, shows his persistence and determination to prove that his handicap does not hinder him.

I think the book has its merits. The original premise of having to find the missing mother and helping the son was interesting since Paul did not even know the young man. I found that admiral about the main character. I would have enjoyed reading the book had the language not been so strong and the descriptions of some of the more intimate scenes not so graphic. That is why I think the book should be geared to adults and not teenagers because of the strong language and sexual content

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