Authors: Captain Jeff Struecker with Alton Gansky
ISBN: 978-0-8054-4853-5
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

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As a former Special Forces officer, I was intrigued by the premise of the book: “A detect-and-observe mission revealed the unexpected—and the terrifying. The discovery has forced a change in the mission—a change they call Certain Jeopardy. Failure to act endangers millions.” This is from the back cover blurb.

Captain Jeff Struecker is obviously a combat-proven soldier. His bio, on the back cover of the book states that he participated in the action in Mogadishu, Somalia that was chronicled in the book and movie, Black Hawk Down. He was a sergeant in the 75th Ranger Regiment. He also participated in Operation Just Cause in Panama and Operation Iris Gold, in Kuwait. When I visited his website and saw a picture of him in uniform, I was impressed. He wears a bronze star; a combat infantryman’s badge; master parachutist’s badge; pathfinder badge; master freefall parachutist’s badge along with a chaplain’s cross.

Certain Jeopardy is a fictional account of a six-man team formed for reconnaissance in Venezuela. They are to relay intelligence back to the United States about an industrial park where the CIA suspects al-Quaeda recruitment and training activity. They are also tasked to conduct surveillance on the elaborate estate of Andriano Santi, who is Venezuela’s Foreign Minister and president Hugo Chavez’s attack dog.

As challenging as it is, the mission becomes Certain Jeopardy when the “detect and observe” mission uncovers an unexpected and chilling discovery. The mission is now more vital and much more dangerous. If the team fails, millions could be endangered.

Certain Jeopardy is also a story of Christian faith. It is the faith that allows a critical member of the team to operate in times where fear could paralyze a soldier. The book is not only a story of the men and their mission, it is recounting the fears and strengths of their wives who live with the daily knowledge that their men disappear on a mission at any moment.

Captain Struecker has fictionalized the names of the units and the probable locations in which they train and prepare for deployment. There are unit names and places that are changed, but these details will only be noticed by someone—such as this reviewer—who has been immersed for years in the covert operations community.

I shared Certain Jeopardy with my wife, who has lived the life of a Special Forces wife. She and I agree that it is a fine work of fiction that comes quite close to reality.

Struecker’s Christian faith and his combat experience shine through the pages of his book. Highly recommended.

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