Author: Michael Priv

Publisher: Global Community
ISBN: 978-1-7308-3975-7

Michael Priv, author of You Are A Psychic, endeavors to teach the lay person how to tap into their own psychic abilities and heal themselves in the process. (2019, pgs. 5-9) He has spent the better part of three decades conducting research into religious teachings, practice, and dogma, as well as, spiritual phenomena to shape his stance on this topic in this book. This is not his only book, but with it he hopes to bring about happier healthier lives for all who read it.

Chapter 3 introduces us to healing. Priv begins with a definition of same. To which he states “The most effective way to heal your body is to do it yourself. That is actually pretty much the only way healing is ever accomplished anyway, …”. (2019, p.21)

On the topic of genes Priv says, “There are many ways genes affect you or indicate a potential direction things may affect you, but not for all intent and purpose of this book, genes are just another excuse to shun responsibility, an attempt to assign cause elsewhere.” (2019, p.32)

Fear is the opposite of where you need to aim to be a healer. Fear is bad. Fear has to go.” (2019, p.39) To which Priv adds that “Confusion is a total misalignment of energy flows (decisions, intentions, aspirations, desires, and actions), the opposite of power.” Priv says that fear is the lowest of our emotions and on par with grief, apathy, etc.. How can we rectify this misalignment? Priv states, “Any meditation techniques that increase unconditional love and reduce fear will quickly bring you up and straighten out your energy flows.” (p.43)

Certainty is the key. Priv says “Certainty means not second guessing yourself and not getting stuck in a ‘maybe’ for longer than about a second. Certainty is clarity, which is lack of confusion.” (2019, p.47) An examples of this comes from Priv using a waiter asking if you want the soup or a salad. Waivering is uncertainty. Make a choice and stick with it.

Meditation is another key attribute that healers have. “Meditation starts with just breathing to empty your mind – always.” (2019, p.95) Once your mind is clear you can add a simple thought, i.e. love. Let that thought fill the space around you and inside you. Then love yourself. Exhale fear. As you begin to feel better and lighter. Your entire disposition on life should change by doing this with regularity.

We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” (2019, p.104) I’ve heard this time and again and I think it is actually spot on. If we dwell on the dismal we will live in it and vice versa. Therefore make your thoughts positive and filled with love.

I’m not going to give this entire book away. If you want to learn how to heal yourself with the power of your mind and meditation this is the book for you. Read it, practice it, and be healthy and happy!