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Author:  Lane Smith

ISBN-13:  978-142310846-7

ISBN-10:  142310846-9

Publisher:  Hyperion

In this children’s book, a schoolgirl imagines herself President, and as we follow her through her day, everything she does is presented through a political viewpoint. 

She gives “executive orders” for more waffles; “negotiates treaties” (breaks up fights); and uses her “veto” privilege on undesirable lunch choices.  The clever political spin and imagination of Madam President make a smart and witty read.

In a good children’s book, much of the charm comes from the details, as is the case in Madam President.  Notice the cat as a secret service agent; the Susan B. Anthony poster; and busts and books of various presidents in Katy’s room.  Especially cute is how Katy chooses her “cabinet:” Mr. Potato head is secretary of agriculture for instance.

Another fun aspect is the original design of the book, with some full-page pictures, and other pages spliced into a sequence of frames.  Children will appreciate the variety and flow of this layout.  The pictures are cute and clearly convey the story, although I’d like to propose an amendment that gives Katy’s complexion a prettier color than her current shade of newspaper-white.

This book would probably be over the head of children younger than six, but would appeal to those boys and girls who like learning grown-up words.  There is a great learning opportunity here for them to learn governmental vocabulary, as well as be entertained.

Lane Smith is the author of the children’s book John, Paul, George & Ben, a New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the Year, and a New York Times best seller.

Click Here To Purchase and/or Find Out More About Madam President