Author: F. Barton Davis

Publisher: Magi Media Publications

ISBN:  978-0-98195025-9

F. Barton Davis, author of Love Story, has been a loyal follower and disciple for Jesus and God. He has been pastor in Maryland, Alabama, New York City, Georgia, Florida, and places as distant as Zimbabwe and Kenya. (2019, back cover) Currently he is pastor for Haven Rock in Birmingham, Alabama where he lives with his wife and family.

How many of you grew up with some faction of a religious upbringing? I know I did and I presume many of you did also. Davis, in Chapter 1, speaks about his own religious background. He, like many of us, went to church regularly on Sundays. His family did however expose him and his siblings to a varied tapestry of religions ranging from Methodists to Catholicism to Gospel and more. It is here that he “…began to see behind the curtain, and I became utterly disillusioned by the hypocrisy and shallowness of organized religion.” (2019, p.3) He tempers that to say, “I was a religious guy from a religious family, and it meant absolutely nothing. Religion couldn’t help me, it couldn’t console me; it couldn’t make me whole.” (p.5)

Personally, I like the idea of questioning thing to shape your belief system instead of blind followership. Davis said that “It was during my sophomore year at the University of Maryland that God got my attention. I was dragged to a Bible study group and what I found changed my life. I found people filled with Christ’s love that loved me and accepted me from day one.” (2019, p.7)

As the book moves onward there are snippets of text from the Bible where Davis talks about the duality of God and Jesus and how they are interchangeably the same. How he found this concept confusing and questioned it on premise. Davis said he loves to argue and puts forth the following as food for thought. “Jesus says that HE is the one, but HE’s not the only one making that claim. HE says that HE is the way, but there is no limit to the myriad of alternative paths laid before us, Why Jesus? Why not some other way?” (2019, p.17)

I found this an interesting read because it raised so many questions I’ve had over the years as I have fallen in and out of formalized religion, but never lost faith in God. There are also exercises and suggestions that can help you shore up your shaken faith if need be. If you are not religious there is enough questioning that you may enjoy it too.