Author: Claudiu Murgan

Publisher: Author Academy Elite

ISBN: 978-1-64085-290-7

Claudiu Murgan, author of Water Entanglement, is originally from Romania and wrote his sci-fi work at the tender age of eleven. (2019, p.223) In 1997 he immigrated to Canada where he now resides. He is an engineer by education, but had a passion to write. It was a long journey to his first book The Decadence of our Souls and now Water Entanglement. To learn more about him please log on to his website.

There is a water ration on as this book opens and a large global water conference about to begin. Cherry is one of the main characters and she keeps herself hidden because she fears what might happen to her if her identity was known. She wears a mask and covers her skin so it is difficult to determine whether she is a man or woman, black or white. She has just given her speech via video conference and is embarking on participating on the next portion of this important Water For All conference.

She is excited to see what changes can come from this world-wide conference especially for the Tribes. She changes out of her costume into street clothes and heads to the subway where things begin to go strangely awry. The is a huge explosion. Was it an act of terror or a problem with the fuel for the subway? During this chaos she cannot shake the belief that it is in retaliation to the members actions in this gathering for the water conference, especially Kahauna. As this tragedy continues she learns that many of the top speakers and her beloved friend Kahuna have been killed or maimed in this incident. She is beyond sad. Her body reacts with headaches and she sobs for days. However, she and those who managed to survive realize that “The time of their passing had yet to come. The water movement needed them. The water itself needed them.” (2019, p.20)

Will they be able to save the water from those who could care less about sustenance? Will the people understand the importance and scarcity of water to their own survival? Time would tell, but do they have time on their side?

Crystals have some connection to nature and her resources. Are they the key to opening the flood gates for water again? How does the energy of all living things and the vibrations of them tie in to what they are trying to accomplish? They believe, without a doubt, that water has a memory of its own. Does it?

I’m not going to give anything away. Read it, enjoy it. I did.