Authors: Sandra Ingerman and Katherine Wood

Publisher: Moon Books

ISBN:  978-1785-35820-3

Sandra Ingerman, author of The Hidden Worlds, has a MA degree and is a licensed family therapist, teacher of shamanism, and marriage counselor. (2019, p.110) She has penned ten prior books. In her thirty years of experience she has taught workshops on shamanic journeying reversing
environmental pollution using spiritual methodologies, and healing. In 2007 she was given the Peace Award from the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicine. Spirituality and Health Magazine named her in 2013 one of the Top 10 Spiritual Leaders. Her passions lie in bringing about positive change for Earth. To learn more please log on to her websites.

Katherine Wood, co-author of The Hidden Worlds, was an educator of children in middle and high school for over thirty years in Colorado. (2019, pgs.110-11) She was Literacy Coordinator for a large metropolitan high school and taught English, Reading, and Writing.  She is a co-creator for The Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award and a member of the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators. Her poems and articles have been previously published. To learn more about her please visit her website.

This book takes place largely in school, dreams, or in a nearby facility that is being polluted. A group of unlikely grade school aged students manage to forge a friendship and alliance to clean up a polluted pond near their school that is killing birds and fish which they accidentally found out on one of their lunch breaks. What can they do to stop this organization from killing more species and perhaps polluting their water supply?

They agree to meet each day at this same property and each day something new unfolds. Time is short because it is their lunch break, but it is unanimous that something must be done to stop this. They begin to make plans and assign tasks to each person now on their special team of misfits. Before long they learn their dreams are being dreamt together and they can learn valuable lessons from paying attention to what occurs in their dreams. They are facilitated and protected by their new power animals located in yet another collective dream. In one dream they find a temporary solution and they act on it, but before long someone will notice what they have done and reverse it. There is no place they can turn for help yet because in going over to this property they are trespassing. Therefore, they must keep their intentions to themselves until they can prove what they believe is occurring on this property. Will they succeed? Can they manage to learn all they need to in order to have this unsavory place shut down?

I enjoyed reading this short book and if you have children aged middle thru high school I think they would enjoy this book too.