Aftermath--Corruption and Intrigue in Post-Katrina New Orleans Reviewed By Fran Lewis of
Fran Lewis

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By Fran Lewis
Published on January 16, 2019

Author:  CharlesWilliams
Publisher:  Outskirts Press
ISBN:  978-1-4787-9785-2

Author:  CharlesWilliams
Publisher:  Outskirts Press
ISBN:  978-1-4787-9785-2

Greed, untold wealth, power and life changing rewards are just part of what three men are after as a result of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. One Minister Clarence Washington has created a way to revitalize his parish by getting involved in a project that would bring new housing, more jobs and businesses to the area where his church is housed even if it means getting involved with shady characters, pay off gang leaders for protection and mob contacts. Clint Johnson’s daughter is autistic and has other medical problems that need to be addressed and are costly.

The drugs and procedures promised by one group of providers was denied and his wife who is bi-polar has episodes that make it difficult at times for him to deal with his own situations and job. A senior bank loan officer at this bank he is asked by someone connected to a real estate deal, although shady, to make sure they procure a loan.

This might not flag out as a problem but the conditions Clint requires or demands are definitely not above board and little does he suspect or would realize that this one decision might be the downfall of his family’s survival and his freedom. One more man, a rich real estate broker wants in on these restoration programs to help black residents have better homes so to speak. Racism, prejudice, greed and undying power are just some issues that come to light regarding all three men. While Clarence Washington, our minister relates a story to readers about an incident when he was 10, Clint relates his own prejudices and issues while Joseph our real estate man has his own reflections and viewpoints about the people who is supposedly going to help but not before paying back some powerful mob connected people. Added in we have a black Mayor who seems to be running the show with his own agenda in mind and demands knowing when these projects will get started and when the funding will be available.

One Hurricane has created so much tension and greed as the ambitious real estate development in a community riddle with disaster known as Bacuptown, needs help. As Clint Johnson’s fate becomes known to him and he is forced to deal with the police, the FBI and his severely autistic daughter, one reckless move, one act will change it all and now he is no longer his own person and needs to decide whether to become an FBI informant or deal with prison.

Our racist real estate developer, Joseph Pacello, one of the richest men in New Orleans, is in debt to the mob and in order to remain in business must pay back to financing from this loan. He is the brains behind the deal, the bribes, the fake contracts and the political contributions in order to get what he wants. Does he really care about the people?

Meet Clarence Washington, a black minister who created the Bacauptown project and must deal with Pacello, the white community that he does not like, hopefully placating and dealing with the black Mayor and others in order replenish his parish while others want riches and power in order to create a neighborhood that would profit them. But when you hear his speech to his congregation you wonder how many will use his God=given vision and speech to assist and give money. One more element is added and that is Tonya who is a beautiful Creole woman hired as the project manager and distraction for Clint.

But Clint learns about the truth behind the deal and several members of the Progressive Bank warns him to not accept and put through the deal with Pacello and Washington and the author explains in detail the red flags, but will Clint adhere to them or will he just allow it to go through for his own specific reasons? Cutting corners, substandard materials, lack of integrity and not caring about what happens to the black community, both the Minister and Pacello must face their own demons and decide the result but who will benefit and who will fall short in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the rebirth?

Corruption, bribes, blackmail, underhanded deals, contracts that are suspect and bankers, FBI agents, real estate brokers, The Mayor, The Minister and cohorts that strong arm not only each other to get lucrative deals in order to win the contract for this restoration and revitalization of this town, Clint Johnson is caught in the crossfire on many different planes and levels. Does he succumb to the pressure of the real estate brokers guy named Barney who explains how it’s going to be? Do they succumb to the demands for money from the Minister and how are they paying for security and what role does the Mayor have and how much of a take does he want?

What about the police and their wants? Each side of this deal is crooked and yet Progressive Bank hopes to get River Bank and Trust if they win this contract and help minorities in New Orleans. What about Clint’s one night of passion with Tonya? Will that come back in his face and what about her seems suspect? When Clint realizes the lies told and the promises that were made to him by the FBI and the bank were all false just to get him to fulfill his obligation to eliminate his criminal record and debt, what he does and who he teams up with will shock readers to the core but when the final calculations are made just where will the money go and where will he wind up? Money is power and greed can destroy you as the final aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is more powerful and dangerous that the heavy rains and wind.