Periscope® Book Light

As a prolific book reviewer and one whose sight is not exactly perfect, especially when I am reading in a dark room, the Periscope® Book Light is just what the doctor ordered. Over the years I tried all kinds of gadgets and very often these were usually relegated to the trash can. Was this going to happen to the Persicope® Book Light?

When the Periscope® Book Light arrived, I carefully opened the box and found the smart looking leatherette cover wrap with a telescoping, periscope-like device on the spine that holds a small bright LED light that extends over your reading area. Also included in the package was a brief reader friendly three page instruction sheet that clearly showed me how to insert the front and rear covers of my book into the cover pockets and how the light works.

I quickly discovered, there is a difference between inserting a paperback and a hardback into the cover, as there does exist two distinct slots. Once I had my softbound book securely placed in its proper slot, I was raring to see how the light operates. Candidly, I must admit that when it comes to anything mechanical or electrical, I am a dummy! But what do you know, I had very little difficulty in figuring out how the Periscope® Book light works.

As instructed, I gripped the grey ridged sides of the light reflector and pulled straight up to fully extend its arm and voila the light turned on making sure that the red dot appeared at the base of the arm on the side of the rear book cover. With ease I was able to tilt, rotate and pivot the arm towards me or towards a page in my book. Closing the light was a no brainer, as all I had to do was straighten the reflector so the top was pointing towards me, lift the arm in a way that it was straight above the cartridge, and then press down until it retracted and locked into a stored position.

Now that I learned all about the mechanics of this neat product, I was eager to see if it satisfied all of the claims made by its manufacturing company, Eric Fishman Inc. Incidentally, the Periscope® Book Light comes with a one year limited warranty from the date of purchase against defective materials or workmanship.

According to the company's website, the Persicope® Book Light is supposed to be the perfect solution to readers who wish to indulge their reading passion in all types of low-light environment. To test this claim, I shut off all of my lights in my bedroom, and turned on the book light. Well what to you know, it actually works and I had very little difficulty reading both pages of the book with optimum illumination and without straining my eyes.

Another claim was that you never will have to worry about misplacing the light-something that I frequently experienced in the past with other gizmos. However, as I noticed, this product easily stored in the bookcover with the book I was reading. Moreover, there was no light switch to turn on or off. As soon as you raised or lowered the periscope and without any hassles, the light went on or off. In other words, it did work as advertised: “when you're ready to read, it's ready to shine, without cords, clips or clutter.”

In addition to home use, the Periscope® Book Light is the perfect solution if you enjoy reading outside on dark summer days or even while travelling on a bus, train or plane. The Periscope® Book Light runs on three AA batteries, which according to the company, should last 40 hours and there is also available an AC adaptor.

Trust me, this is a worthwhile neat device and it also makes a wonderful gift for someone who constantly walks around with a book in their hands.

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