Authors: Ms. Yellow and Mr. Wide
Publisher: Simply ReadBooks
ISBN: 978-1-7722-90295

No, Sean. You have to sleep in your own room,” Mommy explains in Ms. Yellow and Mr. Wide’s children’s book, Sean Awesome: A Mission at Night.

This unnumbered forty-page paperback targets children ages three to five years old who enjoy a story about bedtime. With no scary scenes, it is about a boy named Sean who was afraid to sleep alone in his own bed. The ending includes a note from the author. All colorful artwork includes cut-out paper or cardboard shapes.

In this short tale, a little boy named Sean Awesome makes it his mission to sleep in his parents’ bed. Although he tries several ways such as hiding under a blanket, wearing his Halloween dinosaur costume, or putting on a disguise, his missions fail whenever he attempts to crawl into their bed. When he becomes a superhero, he accomplishes the task. The next night he decides to be an astronaut for his new mission in his own room.

This is a quick read that offers a fun outlook for a child who loves sleeping with his parents. I found the photographs of the paper illustrations interesting and sometimes clever. I like that the mother repeatedly stood her ground to have Sean go to his own bed.

Those parents who do not allow their young ones sleeping in bed with them may not want to give them the idea or ways to try. Some may not like that the child gets his way in the end but learns on his own to stay in his room the next time. A few fathers may feel slighted as the story only refers to “Mommy’s” bed, not their bed. Others may not like the simplistic illustrations, but they are engaging. Some

I found the mommy’s commands to go to bed hard to read based on the font used and the designs within the lettering.

If you are looking for a children’s book that focuses on bedtime, this one may be a starter to help a child not be afraid to sleep alone.

Thanks to Bookpleasures and the author for this book that I am under no obligation to review.