Author: Matt Kahn

Publisher: Hay House

ISBN: 978-1-4019-5495-6

Matt Kahn, author of Everything Is Here For You, had an out-of -body experience at the age of eight that changed his life forever more. He has keen senses for intuition, seeing and hearing, as well as feeling and knowing the emotional status of others and being able to stop blockages that prevent their hearts from opening propelling them into emotional and physical healing. (2018, p.203) He considers himself a spiritual teacher both in writing and with his spoken words. His followers say he is funny, profound, and filled with love.

Chapter one is titled Ending The Inner War and it speaks about our various spiritual journeys and evolution of the soul. To which Kahn says “…newly discovered spiritual reasons to justify staying aligned with limiting beliefs, self defeating choices, and narrow viewpoints.”. To reach this precipice one must let go of their old ways of being and thinking. (2018, p.3)

Adversity is part of most lives. Kahn says “What may seem cruel and intolerable to one person may be a passing experience of unexpected circumstances to another, depending upon how rooted in WAR or aligned with RAW one tends to be.” (2018, p.30) Furthermore, “While the ego is capable of embracing the changes that meet its every demand, it is not equipped with coping skills and practical wisdom.”

Sadness says Kahn has a purpose. “Sadness confirms the exact moments in time when the ego dissolves.” (2018, p.43) Emotions serve as milestones for moments and memories in our lives. This is not at all a bad thing. It is when people stop feeling that the problems begin.

To truly let go people must merge their feminine and masculine energies. Kahn calls this Melting Each Barrier. (2018, p.61) This merger sets the stage for self-love to enter in.

The more loving we are in each relationship, the more heart-centered we tend to be.” (2018, p.69) When we can feel compassion toward ourselves we allow ourselves to become more intimate in our personal relationships. “This is the recipe for true emotional resolution.” Our egos need love.

To be complete we need the five steps to emotional surrender according to Kahn. These steps begin with ending personal abandonment. The perfect question for this step is “Am I seeing this moment in a way that helps or hurts me?” (2018, p.102) Pause and consider that question before moving forward. The next step is one of dissolving attachments. Attachments prevent us from moving on. They keep us stuck. Kahn says to consider this. “What am I afraid to admit, lose, or gain?” (p.104) Be honest. From there we progress in to Moving Beyond Limiting Beliefs. Try shifting your perspective or seeing things through a new lens. Ask yourself this. “What if the worst things that ever happened to me were the greatest opportunities I have ever been given?” (p.107) Did these things bring you closer of further apart from those you love? I know these are difficult, but once you walk through them you will feel better, trust me. Step four is called The Grace Of Devastation. Kahn poses this question. “Am I willing to be devastated in order to reveal the deepest truth within me?” (p.109) Wow, how deep is that? And lastly, Embracing Adversity. You have come a long way already, just one last hurdle until the end. The question here is, “How can I view adversity in a way that is more loving, supportive, and wise?” (p.111)

No personal work is ever easy, but if you want to grow you must evolve and understand, and sometimes change. I enjoyed this book and partook of the many lessons.  My personal responses to the questions posed in this book  helped me to emotionally surrender and move on. Sometimes a new view on an old topic is exactly what we need to get grounded. I think you will learn a lot too.