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Author: Julie W. Buscher

ISBN: 978-0-9786352-3-7

Publisher: Central Plains Book MFG. Co.

Homer the Helicopter Grand Canyon Adventures is a delightful concoction of love, friendship, joy, and mischievous behavior wrapped in the brightly colored package that is Homer, the Helicopter.  Julie Buscher’s creative imagination has given birth to a wonderful character that will steal the hearts of children around the world.

Homer begins life in a helicopter factory where his mother, Elsa, senses that her first-born has all the makings to be a great paragon of the skies.   Although, he shows signs of having a restless spirit and an over-active imagination that may well get him into trouble, she knew that with the proper training, Homer, could become a helicopter of great expectations. 

As soon as Homer was ready, Elsa turned him over to flight teacher and pilot, Hank, at the Whirly Bird Aviation School.   Hank would teach Homer how to fly properly as an up and coming young helicopter.   Homer would learn the different operations of his control sticks and when to and not to use them.   Before leaving, Elsa had some motherly advice for Homer:   “ Always mind and always, always listen to what Hank tells you.  Hank will not waste time on little ‘copters’ who don’t pay attention to his instructions.”   Then she kissed him goodbye and left him in Hank’s experienced care.

Hank spends much time with Homer and teaches him to be a very good helicopter.  They spend many hours flying back and forth through the beautiful Grand Canyon, taking tourists from the high ridge sides of the Canyon down to the rugged Colorado River below.    During some of their many adventures, Homer meets and becomes fast friends with Baldazar, a beautiful and strong bald eagle. 

Homer eventually works up the nerve to fly down into the canyon and introduce himself to the fast flowing river.  Harshly the river rumbles at Homer,  “I am known as ‘The Mighty Water’ and I am the fastest longest river in all the West.”   Homer shivered and quickly flew back up to the canyon rim.  One misadventure causes Hank and Homer to crash into the waters of the mighty Colorado River, but thanks to Homer’s good friend, Baldazar, they are rescued by soldiers from a nearby army base.  Homer is airlifted to a helicopter repair hospital where he waits to be repaired.

Thinking that he has been forgotten, Homer is surprised when a beautiful young helicopter pilot named Jennie finds him sitting sadly behind all the other helicopters waiting to be repaired.  Jennie is instantly taken by the huge sad green eyes of the little helicopter and decides that he would make the perfect little medi-vac helicopter.  And just as surely, Homer is smitten with Jennie. 

Jennie wastes no time having Homer repaired and repainted to a beautiful, shiny silver.  She also orders an extra blade added to his top to give him more speed and stability for his work carrying patients to the nearby hospital.  After discussing Homers new job with his mother, Elsa, and Hank, Jennie begins training her new charge.  Again Homer shows wonderful versatility and adaptability to new and unusual situations.   Homer and Jennie save many lives when ferrying injured and sick children from the canyon area to the local hospital. 

Homer the Helicopter is a delightful way to teach children about caring, playing carefully, and listening to their teachers and parents.  Through the wonders of discovery it will take your child on a joyous romp around and over the beautiful Grand Canyon filled with rainbow colors and high-flying adventures.  A glorious adventure book for all children.

I plan to let Homer take my grandson on an adventure this Christmas holiday.

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