Author: Alys Murray

Publisher: Hallmark Publishing


ISBN-13: 978-1947892316

She’s out to save the town from a real-life Scrooge…

Just as with any Hallmark holiday movie I’ve ever watched, I love this sweet Christmas tale. I’m overjoyed that the Hallmark Channel now has a fiction book division—releasing sweet, soul-stirring contemporary romances! 

The Christmas Company, by Alys Murray, takes place in Miller’s Point, a magical town in Texas. Much of its charm is concentrated in Kate Buckner’s heart. She’s an optimistic, sentimental, Christmas loving, cheerful, life-long resident who believes there is good hiding deep inside everyone—even miserly Scrooges like Clark Woodward.

When Clark Woodward, the new CEO of Woodward Enterprises, blows into town and announces he’s shutting down the event-planning subsidiary, The Christmas Company, the residents of Miller’s Point are disappointed—to put it mildly. But Kate refuses to accept the finality of his announcement. No more Christmas Company means no more Miller’s Point magic, no more best-town-in-the-world Christmas festival, no more bright lights, bright hearts, or Charles Dickens story reenactments in the square. Kate can’t…she won’t accept this. 

Looking beyond the hardnosed, hardhearted, stone-faced CEO’s exterior, Kate chooses to believe the handsome man is just a lonely soul in need of friendship and a heavy dousing of Christmas spirit. And who better to steep him in it than her? As Director of Festival Operations, she’s helped transform Miller’s Point into a Charles Dickens-like Christmas wonderland every year, so there’s no reason she can’t transform this Scrooge-like man into a philanthropic Christmas lover. She has to make him believe in Christmas, and perhaps, in the process, convince him to restore the town’s Christmas festival.

This delightful Christmas tale has it all—captivating characters, witty dialogue, a breathtaking town setting, a touching plot with a nice build-up, surprising revelations, sweet romance, and a heart-swelling storybook ending. What’s not to love?

I enjoyed immersing myself in Miller’s Point’s Christmas spirit. I’m reluctant to leave its charming townsfolk, and I’m hoping for a sequel!