Author: Pratima RaoGluckman,

Publisher: Friesen Press
ISBN:  978-1-1210-0

Pratima Rao Gluckman, author of Nevertheless, She Perisited, holds three degrees. (Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Arlington, Masters in Chemistry and Bachelors degree in Instrumentation Engineering from BIT in Pilani, India – insert) She began her career as a software engineer and then moved into management. The purpose of this work is to “…have equal representation of men and women as CEO’s, Board members, executive leaders, middle managers, and engineers. - …If each one of us makes it a point to intervene in one woman’s life, we can get there, slowly but surely – one woman at a time.”

In the introduction Gluckman says “…I found many companies today that are pledging diversity; however, it is unclear whether their commitment is being translated into action or results.” I personally applaud her for calling businesses out on this topic. Women have worked hard to come close to getting the same pay and respect as men for similar positions across the globe. We are not there yet. More work needs to be done in this area to level the playing field and truly embrace women in all levels of the organizations we work so hard to support.

This book recounts the working habits and rewards, or lack thereof, for numerous women across the world. One thread they share is that they really care and have tried hard to swim against the general male dominated current in the global corporate environment. Some have met with more success than others.

Gluckman speaks about some of her peers who also studied engineering and IT in India. She mentions the difficulties of pursuing this sector, specifically that they had to leave home and live in boarding houses near the universities. She states that this was not normal to her society and as such many parents did not want this lifestyle for their daughters. Those that went against this norm were not supported and therefore had to find their own ways. One of her examples uses “…learn, innovate, and find a great team to share learning and innovation with.” (2018, p.125)

Some things women can do to continue to raise the bar is to network and build relationships, both mean equal measures of give and take. (paraphrase, p.173) Also, keeping a positive attitude even when things are not going your way helps. (p.184) Gluckman says that “Women are judged heavily in the tech field, no matter what.” (p.185) In order to survive this difficult ascension “Women must develop grit, or mental toughness, or resilience.” (p.203) If women in a position of authority are willing to advocate for one another this can also go a long way toward women transcending the gender barrier.

I enjoyed reading about the women Gluckman selected to highlight in her book. I think there are some valuable lessons or take aways that all women can use in Nevertheless, She Persisted.