Author: Astrid Brown

Publisher: A Thorned Rose Publication

ISBN: 9781719218481

                                           A Love Tested,

This is a book that, perhaps like no other, throws a light on how someone lives a life dictated by the whispers of the soul. It is a love story involving the protagonist, Maryann Smith who is a college lecturer during the weekdays and as a psychic medium during the evenings and weekends.She met her love, a man called John on a social media site. For some strange reason, they fall in love with each other, and fuel their contact through frequent messaging. John is a schoolteacher, albeit not a psychic. Maryann is based in a provincial town in the UK, while John is based in San Francisco, USA. He is divorced and without children.

What follows is a compelling testimony of a love carried out in cyberspace, including cybersex and completely without the boundaries of physical proximity. In the melee, enters Annie, a student of Maryann, who is learning how to be a psychic. Annie learns how to do  remote viewing and gets quite good at it. Together with Maryann, the duo practice remote viewing on John and his living quarters, having a lot of fun in the process. John’s dog Max, is in the know.

Maryann’s love affair with John, is not without complications. There is the beautiful and sexy Angel, a colleague in the same college as John.who wants John to herself. The next obstacle comes in the form of his ex-wife, who enters the scene, claiming her share of attention. All this was not pleasant for Maryann, however, she continued to love John unconditionally.

These were not the only troubles that were plaguing Maryann. Two of her colleagues at the college, played hard to have her removed from her job. Further, they manage to recruit Annie in their machinations as well. As if all this were not enough, she gets systemically trolled in her contact with John, by two harpies who wish to wipe out any and every contact between the lovers.

The only person in the drama who had a friendly word for Maryann, was John’s sister, Natalie.

The above form the bare bones of the story. That which is memorable and worth mentioning in this book, is the way Maryann deals with her problems. Interspersed between the events that take place in the book, a couple of paragraphs appear, every once in a while, where she describes in some detail, each of her experiences, both as a human being and as a medium. She also puts forth poetry, poems that describe her ordeal and her pain and which explain why she is doing what she is doing.

This book is worth reading for a number of reasons. Firstly, it affirms the very possibility of a romance at long distance. This nonlocality is a pointer to quantum mechanical effects on consciousness, a consequence of which we are all connected to each other. Secondly, it is a valuable resource  of the way a psychic medium would face his/her problems and how they would go about resolving them.

Reading this book left me in tears.  Enough said.

Warmly recommended.