Author: Eva M. Selhub M.D.
ISBN: 978 – 0 – 345 – 50652 – 8

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How we react and respond to the events in our lives, determines our degree of health and happiness.  In the book The Love Response: Your Prescription to Turn Off Fear, Anger, and Anxiety to Achieve Vibrant Health and Transform Your Life, Dr. Selhub talks about how loving ourselves and responding to others with love, helps to renew our lives so that we can all experience more harmony. When we understand the role that stress, fear, and love play in our experience…then we are better equipped to handle life situations.

In contemplating the seeming evil in the world, I often ponder the idea that the basic impetus for the   unexplainable negative actions of others… fear. This could include fear of not having enough, fear of not being loved or accepted, and fear of death…etc. In the Introduction, Dr. Selhub shares her revelation … “THE BIGGEST OBSTACLES TO GOOD HEALTH ARE STRESS AND FEAR and THE ANTIDOTE TO STRESS AND FEAR IS LOVE.”

For example….instead of reacting to government corruption or what we perceive to be negative incidents in our personal lives……we need to find ways to respond with love. When we react with hate, anger, fear and revenge, we only propagate more of the same, however this doesn’t mean that we just allow bad things to happen or let people walk all over us. We can be firm and stand up for what is right and good but it is the way we do this and the thoughts that we hold in our hearts that matter.

The author explains how negative reactions affect our immune systems. A quote from page 13 advises us, “Like loyal employees, your immune cells need a clean space to work in. They require respect, good compensation, and time off for good work. They need good instruction and leadership. They change depending on what you eat, how much you move about, and how much you sleep. They alter depending on your thoughts, emotions and how other people treat you.”

You may be thinking that trying to always respond with Love would be very difficult and a person may seriously question their ability to do this. Where would this Love come from? How would we develop it…especially if we haven’t experienced a steady supply of Love as a child?

Dr. Selhub encourages the reader to first love themselves. This is not as selfish as it may sound but actually prepares us to be able to give Love to others without depleting our own stores. The author speaks of Spiritual Love and I like to interchange the phrase “Spiritual Love” with God’s Love. If we realize that God or Spirit is ALL and that God is Love…then we will understand that we have an unlimited supply of this omnipresent quality to draw from. We just have to learn or realize that Love is really all around us. Dr. Selhub includes questions that the reader needs to ask himself. She offers many mental exercises and breathing techniques which she feels can successfully reprogram our negative attitudes and the ways in which we respond to circumstances.

The author tells us near the end of the book that….”Love is the secret to your health and well-being. Each and every patient who walks through my door is offered a space where they can be loved; a space where they can be seen, heard and validated; a space where they can learn to love themselves, learn to receive love from others, and learn to connect to something larger than themselves.”

I found this book to have many positive ideas. As I read the book, I found myself substituting certain words used by the author with my own words which felt more comfortable to me.  For example when she used the word universe or mother earth, I used the word God. When she spoke of reprogramming or imagining, I felt more comfortable using the words “understanding” or “knowing”. To me these words imply that what you are trying to internalize is REAL….not something we are trying to brainwash or program ourselves to believe. Once we have small proofs of how love brings results in our lives, we will need less convincing that love is real and tangible and there for everyone. I think the author would agree that it is perfectly acceptable to use words which have meaning for you. This could be why she uses what I considered to be somewhat general terms .

I think this book will be helpful to many who are seeking increased harmony. If you are pursuing this goal and have the self discipline or motivation to try the many exercises offered and to stick to them…then this book is for you.

Click Here To Purchase The Love Response: Your Prescription to Turn Off Fear, Anger, and Anxiety to Achieve Vibrant Health and Transform Your Life