Author: KathleenKaska

Publisher: Black Opal Books
ISBN: 978-1-62694-627-9

Kathleen Kaska, author of Run Dog Run, is from West, Texas and a graduate of the University of Texas – Austin. (2018, inside back cover) She taught middle school (science) prior to embarking full time on her writing career. She loves writing about women characters who exude strength and wisdom. Her pastimes include bird watching, taking the scenic routes instead of the major roadways, and visiting historic hotels. Many of her books have been finalists for non-fiction awards. She lives between the Texas coast and the Pacific Northwest.

The main character, a woman of course, is named Kate and she has recently come back from a major elephant project in Africa. Her husband was a major league baseball player who retired to accompany her on this journey. His name is Jack. They land at her best friend and god-daughters home in Wimberly, Texas to take some time to develop the next steps in their life.

Jack goes to Chicago to interview with his old team, the Cubs. Katie embarks on a twisting journey to resolve an issue that cropped up for her god-daughter, Rosa Linda, regarding the treatment of some greyhounds at a nearby ranch. The ranch owner happens to be running for office and is rich and influential. As they begin to learn more about what is amiss in this greyhound scenario a series of unconnected, at least in appearance, murders occur. But that is not all that is obscured. Katie uncovers something that is very damaging about her god-daughter.

Some of the people Katie comes into contact with are not telling the truth? Why? What do they have to hide? Does the ranch owner gone politician have a hand in this mystery?

A series of mishaps have also happened to Katie as she digs for the truth. A dead greyhound was placed in the car she was driving. Was this a threat? Or a clue?

Rosa Linda has backed off after being so gung ho. She is away nearly every opportunity she can be with her fiancé. Katie feels it in her heart that something is brewing between Rosa Linda and her fiancé. She knows her god-daughter well. She decides to speak to her friend, Rosa Linda’s mother, Olga. Olga is clueless, but tells Katie that her husband does not like Rosa Linda’s fiancé.

As the plot thickens will Katie learn what it is that Rosa Linda is hiding from her? Will she learn whether or not the greyhounds are being mistreated? Why is someone murdering many of the loose ends? Are these scattered threads connected? If so, how?

I really enjoyed reading this book and believe you will too.