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Author: Jennifer Chase

ISBN: 978-1-4327-3416-9

Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.

Jennifer Chase’s Compulsion is an all-time great fiction suspense thriller.  Jennifer takes her knowledge of forensic science and criminology to new levels of understanding and entertainment.

This is one edge-of-your-seat who-dun-it that will keep you enthralled from the first page to the last.

Emily Stone has one quest in life and that is to see that all killers are brought to justice.   Her parents had been killed in a botched robbery and with no suspects that would end in an arrest, she is left to doubt the abilities of some of the men in law enforcement. 

Keeping her identity a secret, Emily works alone and behind the scenes to track down and gather evidence to convict child killers around the country.   Anonymously she gathers the evidence and sends it by email to the law enforcement officers who are working the cases. 

Suddenly Emily finds herself deeply involved in a serial murder case that has her own community locked in its icy grip.  Tracking killers around the country is one thing, but to have them almost on her doorstep is quite another.  Almost too late she realizes just how close to home these killers are.

Just when Emily is stressed to the limit from trying to keep her identity hidden so that she can continue to work safely behind the scenes and not become a victim in the process, she meets handsome young detective, Rick Lopez.  She finds herself falling for the detective and opens her heart and discloses her secrets.   She tells Rick what she knows and what she thinks about the serial killers of the case on which he is working.  Rick is fascinated by Emily and knows that he has finally found a kindred spirit.  He knows in his heart that he is falling in love with the beautiful and secretive Emily. 

To keep Rick and her long-time friend, police Sargent Mike Rivas safe, Emily sneaks away to confront the killers on her own turf and in a circumstance under which she has control.   Knowing the identity of one of the killers, Emily knows that this has now turned into a game of cat and mouse where she is the bait and the killer is determined to find her.   The clock is ticking and she can almost feel the killer’s hot breath on the back of her neck as she waits in hiding for him to make his next move.  Trying hard to turn the tables on this monster, she has set her own trap to bring him down.  But will it be enough? 

For all you forensic science buffs, Compulsion is a must read and for everyone else, you will enjoy the mystery, suspense, and thrills of a well-written and thoroughly captivating book.   You may want to read it with all the lights on.   

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