Author: Andrea Sisco
Publisher: Five Star Publishing
ISBN: 978-1594147951

Andrea Sisco was a book reviewer before publishing her first novel, A Deadly Habit. We are sure she knows what does and doesn’t make a good story because with this book she manages to cook up an interesting and diverting plot.

This story is about a woman, Penelope, who confesses to a priest who is an old acquaintance. What she has to say is she discovered the corpse of her husband dead in their house, but swears not to be the author of the crime. The problem is she broke into the house because they were estranged.

Of course the police investigate, but she finds an ally in the priest confessor.  The police, however, are sure she is guilty of the murder.  She has no choice but to prove her innocence, helped by many people along the way

How does she plan to do it? By breaking into her dead husband’s house, again! She opens the safe and finds a key. That key, she thinks, can open a locker somewhere. By doing this, she put herself in other problems and has to manage to get out of them.

This novel is refreshing, like a cool spring breeze. Forget the dark atmosphere of the serial killer novel, or the heavy ambiance of the noir story like those by Dashiell Hammet.  With this one we appreciate the bons mots and the light tone.

Andrea Sisco has probably read a lot of thriller books because she delivers a great one in A Deadly Habit.  It has an unusual plot and situations rarely encountered in other books of this genre.

The heroine, a new kind in the world of thrillers, is funny and charming.  The reader wonders what she going to do to clear her name in this bad situation. She seems sometimes awkward, but never foolish.  She is so natural and convincing the reader understands and agrees with her actions and reactions as events unfold.

The tone of the book is light, meaning that everybody can read it to have a good time. Gone is the horror of being plunged into the darkness of a serial killer soul or the cloak of an interminable investigation. It’s a simple plot, but the principal character is endearing to readers, so we tag along on this funny and also strange adventure.

 This is a refreshing read by an author full of promise.  We look forward to what she’ll give us next.

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