Author: Patrick Shannon
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4327-3037-6

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 Fables have been a time honored way to teach both children and adults.  Since Aesop, those witty stories with both wise and foolish animals making the same mistakes humans make have both entertained and enlightened.  The stories of Cisco the parrot in the book, Viva Cisco, are an excellent addition to the genre.

These three stories center around a parrot named Cisco who doesn’t ask for much in life.  He simply wants to be famous!  He knows that he is the perfect candidate for stardom if he could only find his talent.  The first book tells of his quest for his true gift and it takes him all through the town to all his friends, trying to learn a skill that will bring him fame.  Needless to say, hilarity follows.

Book two shows us a wiser but still determined parrot.  When a rash of thefts plagues the humanless valley of Topopootl, Cisco’s home, he decides to becomes a private eye and solve the case.  Surely that will bring him fame!  Our friend Cisco gets carried away as usual, finding embarrassment instead of glory.  However, he doesn’t quit and finally discovers something amazing.

Book Three gives us the greatest tale yet.  Cisco wonders why the valley of Topopootl always gives the skunks surrounding the valley a party.  Such information is worthy of a great quest to find the truth, so Cisco and his friends head out.  As with most great quests, there is much to learn and overcome, but it is worthy of glory and isn‘t that what Cisco wants?

This book is entertaining for parents and kids alike.  Cisco is a teenager, an entertaining age.  Kids look up to teenagers and they find a wonderfully flawed hero in our little friend.  He is old enough to earn their admiration but not too old to be considered boring.  Cisco does the things they think are cool and both he and the kids learn the lessons from the results.

 Adult will laugh over and over again at the antics of Cisco.  He will remind them of the good old days when hair-brained ideas sounded not only possible but probable.  They will understand both the little parrot’s need for fame and the lessons he has to learn.  Now, separated by time and wisdom, adults will enjoy revisiting that carefree age.

 This book is a wonderful read for parents and kids to share together.  While enjoying the tales, there can be a meeting of the minds of two very different groups.

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