Author: Lucinda Bakken White

Publisher: Wild Woman Books

ISBN-10: 0997648252

ISBN-13: 978-0997648256


Reclaiming your Sou

This book belongs to a genre that is getting increasingly common today as more and more people from different walks of life, especially women,  are uncovering the process that leads to realizing and revitalizing their own authentic nature. In other words, they are pushing the frontiers of their own life expression to the music and harmony of their own souls. In this harmony of Life Eternal, there is no separation between souls and Life and Death are two sides of the same coin. This journey to total harmony is also being documented more often in order to help others navigate the roadmaps to their own authentic selves and use their latent strengths to tide them over difficult times, while also serving as a testimony to the fact that their struggles against the accepted social mores, are in no sense an indicator of their intrinsic self- worth.

The above paragraph summarizes the gist of  this book in a nutshell. The author, Lucinda Bakken White, tells her story without frills or foibles in simple,direct prose. Starting with her childhood, she reminisces fondly of her  grandparents from both sides and the holidays she spent with them. When she was eleven years old, her mother, erstwhile divorced, remarried. Her stepfather, who also adopted her and paid her bills, was anchored in a mindset based on achieving the American dream and had strong ideas on how a young girl should look and behave. To coexist peacefully, Lucinda began to live according to three rules, viz.1) be happy  and grateful, 2) go out of your way to charm other people 3) be thin and beautiful according to mainstream standards, all the while irrespective of how she felt inside. Armed with the above rules, Lucinda surmised that Life would be good to her. This continued negation of her feelings led to severe psychological problems and suicidal depression. How Lucinda dealt with these problems and emerged into the sunlight, forms the subject of this book.

Life continued for Lucinda. She got a job, met her future husband, got married, enjoyed an active social life, (the last helped restore her    flagging sense of self worth) and gave birth to two children. Then “something inside of me wanted to shapeshift. I had a feeling and a knowing that it  was time to gracefully end one season of my life and move into another cycle of learning.”

A dream encounter with one of her totem animals, viz., Wolf was the trigger for a new direction for Lucinda. It led to a reading spree on self-development in general  and totem animals in particular. The rest of the book explores how she seeks the fragile balance between the conventional wisdom of society and the call from her soul.

The journey to wholeness is very fascinating and extremely individual, no two journeys are identical. Lucinda’s journey is unique in that she concentrates  on totem animals and artefacts such as bones and feathers that they leave behind and the feelings they evoked in her. Another important facet of this memoir and sets it apart from other similar life journeys is the sharing of her grounded perspective of Death as being an inescapable part of Existence.

This book is a fascinating read and will inspire many on their journeys to wholeness. The pace is measured and easy to follow, yet it holds the reader’s interest.This book deserves a pride of place on any bookshelf dealing with books on  self-inquiry.

Warmly recommended.