Author: Ginny Stone [Fudge – the SPCA Special (as told to Ginny Stone)]

Publisher: Ginny Stone

As delightful as was the previous Dog’s Blog comes A Dog’s Blog Part II: Straight from the Mutt’s Mouth, but this time ostensibly written by a new addition to the Stone household, Fudge, an SPCA rescue dog, and, as always, a force to be reckoned with. Marked by conditions of mayhem that create a seemingly suitable setting for its Alpha (??) male, the Phizzysissy, with it never quite disintegrating into a state of total entropy, but continuously bordering thereon, Fudge’s new home is conducive to an atmosphere of happiness and joy. Such joint elation is expressed throughout in even the smallest aspects of daily life that, at times, the livelihood of the economically productive members thereof (and they all have a role to play in producing some form of sustenance and income for one another, whether it be of a spiritual or a more material kind) can even be seen to come into jeopardy.

She who reigns supreme as the dominant female of the household (and who, perhaps, is as deluded as is her mate in terms of the power play involved) is forever having to justify how much time she spends on her laptop. As a freelance editor and book indexer myself, and having a dog of my own who, at times, has had to become resigned to hours of boring lounging around, waiting for her next ‘w’, ‘a’, ‘l’, ‘k’, I can truly empathise with Fudge’s frustrations in this regard, as he accuses ‘Mom’ of: “tik, tik, tiking on her wretched laptop thingy”. Fudge and Looseyfur (the demonic is never far from this establishment, but only in the nicest of ways, in the form of a feline neutered tom) are the focus of the inmost being of this suburban haven for those of the four-legged kind, as befits the authors of this blog. (BTW: Looseyfur disputes the subtitle of this work, as he writes several of the postings himself, or at least jointly, with Fudgie-wena – He asked the reviewer: Why do the dogs always seem to get the credit? Mind you, you know what the generic name for a female dog is, don’t you? Makes you think, doesn’t it…)

In short, if you are either a canine or feline follower, you should most definitely find similarities between what your Key Pet of Interest has got up to in the past, and the hilarious antics that Stone describes. No wonder that her regular column in the Springs Advertiser, which is where the blog first appeared, attracted such a keen following. Stone concludes the book with a sample posting from her next book to come, which covers the Stones’ move to a new house, with all the attendant upheaval and merriment that such a departure from the norm (?) brings about. So, there’s much more to come for all future generations of dog and cat devotees from the pens and paws of this particular household – all the catnip and bone better!