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Michelle Kaye Malsbury

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By Michelle Kaye Malsbury
Published on March 1, 2018

Author: Vivian Schilling, Author

Publisher: Hannover House,
ISBN: 978-164008044-7

Author: Vivian Schilling, Author

Publisher: Hannover House,
ISBN: 978-164008044-7

Vivian Schilling, author of Quietus, is a producer and director of film (Toys in the Attic an adaptation of Na Pude) and award winning author (Sacred Prey). (2017, inside back cover) Her thirst for film comes from her educational background where she had the pleasure to study under Stella Adler and attend the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. Schilling is an animal welfare advocate and conservationist.

The main characters in this thriller are Kylie, Amelia, Jack, Dix, Dillon, Sean, Ruby, and Julius. The book opens with a private plane crash where many of the above characters were lucky to get out without being killed. However, none of them have come away without scars or one sort or another. Kylie and Amelia are best friends, but live far away from one another. They team up to try to figure out the dark side of a murder that Kylie witnessed as a child has to do with their uncertain lives now.

Julius is the man who murdered Kylie’s teacher when she was seven. She witnessed it and then blocked it out of her life until the fateful plane crash brought dribs and drabs back to live. She is not sure whether she is losing her mind or whether the visions she sees are actually real. Dillon, her husband’s brother is a doctor and he initiates contact between Kylie and a psychiatric professional in efforts to allay her building fears.

Julius visits Kylie night and day. She is able, she thinks, to feel him, see him, and speak to him. She is frightened yet drawn to this speaking, thinking, touchie being from her past. Eventually she learns how their paths crossed in her youth and why he is connecting with her now. Before being executed for this heinous murder Julian had been an aristocrat. His family lineage was wealthy and influential. As a young girl she vowed to marry him because she was so taken with him.

Kylie is an interior decorator and Jack a contractor. They have been working on a large mansion renovation when Kylie unwittingly stumbles onto Jack’s gambling away the funds given to them for the renovation. This has been his Achilles heel for years off and on. Kylie is beside herself and wonders how they can ever recover the large amount of money that Jack has gambled away. She threatens to divorce him. He is humbled and promises to do anything if she will give him another chance. Can their marriage survive? What will become of their business and reputation?

Kylie confides these visions with Julius to her husband Jack and her friend Amelia. Jack does not place a lot of credence in this possible phantasm. However, Amelia falls for it in its entirety. She and Kylie believe that this ghost or vision intends to kill all of the people who survived the plane crash. Can they manage to save these people from certain death?

One by one the survivors are met with strange accidents until only Kylie and Dix remain. What becomes of them? Will they eventually succumb?

Read it and enjoy the roller coaster ride. It’s a long book and very detailed. I enjoyed it and about two hundred pages from the end I found it hard to put down. I think you will enjoy it too!