Author: Cynthia M. Long

Publisher: Cynthia M. Long

ASIN:  B0787C7PD3

                           An Amazing Journey of Healing

The journey of healing is an inexplicable one. The entire internal life focus of the individual turns inside out and as a result, outward events change to conform to the altered inner landscape. This kind of systemic change, can be triggered by the action of a healer. The healing is not instantaneous, it takes time to process out deep rooted fears and insecurities that surface, one after another. This book documents the author’s journey after a visit to the healer, St. John of God in order to heal a neck injury.

The author, Cynthia Long, is not a stranger to self-development. As a teenager, she had had an NDE. This experience always anchors the individual in an altered plane of consciousness, a place that one can visit at will, and where one is always privy to the knowledge that one’s life has value and the time spent on Earth’s school is not in vain. In addition, Cynthia has achieved contact with her guardian angel “Gertie” a contact which seems to be ongoing. Cynthia has described her experience of establishing contact with Gertie in an earlier book.

Cynthia’s story starts off in this book by describing her healing experience with John of God to her mother and her sister who had come to receive her at the airport on her return from Brazil. Her narrative fell on deaf ears. Soon however, after her arrival, an ex schoolmate called Randy contacts her by email. Since she was single, she reluctantly allows him to court her, possibly because she finds a empathic ear to her extraordinary experiences. In this  process, multiple coincidences and synchronicities occur, advance signals that are uncanny precursors on the way to go, abound, many of them around the number twenty three. Decoding these signals with the help of two female friends is what this book is all about.

The new relationship that Cynthia allows into her psychic space, enables her to share her experiences of the paranormal. This interaction leads her to uncover and process a past life connection with Randy and her parents. All these incidents pave the  way for a return trip to John of God,the details of which hopefully form the subject of another book.

The relationship with Randy takes a negative turn as Cynthia suspects infidelity. Proven right in her suspicions, she puts on a red gown, a present from Randy and gives vent to her emotions by screaming, shouting and dancing to her own rhythms. This particular outburst sets in motion a deep healing and opens her to the spirit behind a message from Gertie on the difference between romantic and unconditional love, the latter being our essential nature. On that note,the narrative closes.

This book is a fantastic read. It acts as a bridge over two realms, the inner and outer meet as we go through the discourse. Cynthia shares her experiences with her readers,unreservedly  and very unsparing of herself. This book also offers a view of reality where everything  is connected. The frequent synchronicities that abound, testify to support from both the inner and outer realms of reality. The events flow fast and one emerges after the read, refreshed and inspired.

Warmly recommended.