Author: Bud Watts

ISBN: 978-0-9895-1067-7

This long book opens the satirical 136 Amendment of the USA which has abolished football in every possible way. There are huge penalties for persons found speaking about, playing games having to do with, and even thinking about, football. Everything that has anything remotely to do with football has been banned. The people of America are broken and dispirited without football as their greatest pastime. Crime is rampant and family values are nonexistent.

Twenty years after this amendment has been in place there is an underground movement to create football players from artificial intelligence (AI) modeled after actual coaches and players. In a remote place there are thousands of people working on this new venture. Can it work out? What will be the outcome if it does appear to be a viable venture?

Great scientists have been gathered to shepherd this process toward fruition. Teams have been constructed, coaches assembled, and scientists are ready to implement this bold and daring experiment. The players, thus far, have been constructed from past Olympiads, criminals, and other nefarious characters. Some of the coaches have been similarly constructed in their artificial intelligence forms. The AI’s are exact replicas of the persons they have been modeled after including size, weight, and body structure. They are taught how to play via telepathic headsets connecting each with their life model.

Some sixteen teams begin this potential AI football major teams process of elimination. Scientists are watching and tweaking this game and its players as the game moves forward. When play becomes too rough and the AI players breakdown they are pieced back together or created anew. Names are assigned to teams and their AI players. Most are pretty crazed. More teams and players are created to increase the team rivalry and to allow teams to be placed across strategic towns or cities in the USA. This begins to loosely resemble what the old NFL looked like without the actual players. They even hold bowl games and match best of locales up against the best of other time zones. The people are wowed beyond any wild expectations by the scientists and those who have provided for this secret scientific experiment to move from the sidelines out into the open.

Eventually the President gets involved and takes these teams out to the people who view it as a huge success and money maker. The AI over time learn and even take on the traits of their human counterparts which is an even bigger success for the scientists behind this far-fetched experiment. Eventually, the scientists are invited to create players for the junior, college, high school, and even peewee football teams. Can this continue? Can they succeed?

As far out as this story is I cannot help but believe one day there may actually be a game created with the assistance of AI. Injuries are rampant and more and more information comes to the fore about the long term effects of these injuries. Medical science can only go so far as long as the sport is allowed such contact. AI would take that element out of the games equation.