Author: Robert  O. Williams

Publisher: One08  Publishing Company Inc.

ISBN-13: 978-1542751148

ISBN-10: 1542751144

                                        Unravelling the Self

This book is perception heightening. It’s a memoir with a difference in the sense that the author has stepped aside in his personal capacity to a great extent and let his consciousness do the talking.

In this book, the author documents the self-portrait of an unusually aware human being who relates the story of his life and how he found his life-purpose by showing how unconditional love triumphs over all evil, it being the driving force of Life. He begins with his memory of coming into this world as an infant, and as a consciousness “watching the little baby crawling, the child eating, clinging, laughing and crying.” He goes on to say how he could see things that his parents could not, therefore they attributed his visions to the workings of a fertile imagination. He recounts how he could see spinning beings, also called “nature spirits and play freely with them instead of being with other boys and girls in the neighbourhood who could not see what he saw.”

The author mentions particularly one spirit called Jing with whom he played the most and who apprised him of the wonders of Nature, especially the expression of sacred geometry in snail shells among others. He also tells the story of a visit to the Redwood Forest, and the awe-inspiring nature of the trees and the effect they had on him, so much so that he was left literally speechless.

Predictably changes to this childlike scenario began. The first was when Jing bade him farewell, leaving him sad and forsaken. The author was experiencing “the loss of my preadolescent innocence” and it took him years to get over it. The author could still see nature spirits, but he saw them less vividly. His focus shifted to humans and he noticed them more in this stage of his life.

At this point, there were two things that interested him, music and the opposite sex. The author’s father had played the saxophone and the author also became quite good at it. So good, in fact that after many concerts, he was asked to play for the Beach Boys.

His forays into contact with the opposite sex were less successful. He mentions using mind power to connect with a girl he loved and was ticked off very badly. This was, as he termed it, his “second dark night of the soul”, the first being the parting with Jing. There was to be a third.

The author had suffered a lot of ailments in his life and playing the saxophone for long periods exacerbated his health problems. One day his body gave up and he had a near-death-experience of the Light that is our true Nature. The rest of the book is all about the repercussions of that experience and how it was integrated with the events of the rest of his life. This period was to span several years.

The information alluded to in the earlier paragraph, is a detailed account of how we in the third dimension experience reality and of the dimensions beyond the third that we are also experiencing simultaneously. He also talks of the nature of time and the 108 portals that channel Divine Energy and which can be used to make systemic changes in our lives. Beyond all this is the experience of Universal Unconditional Love coming from the heart, the Love that permeates all Life, that can wipe clean all memories of even the most  gruesome events. This principle is illustrated with several incidents in the author’s life, including a  beautiful experience with dolphins.

The author has been a party to developing a software called Quantum Code Technology that can be downloaded as an app onto a mobile phone. This software is intended to awaken the hearts of people reeling under the scourges unleashed by the all pervasive evil forces in this world. The broader intention is to awaken as fast as possible 1 percent of the population. This would provide a powerful impetus to engineer change in the rest of the 99 percent, according to the Hundredth Monkey Syndrome, thus speeding up humanity’s evolution.

In every chapter of his life-story, the author presents, in italics, an excerpt from his journal in which he sees the events in the chapter from another higher dimensional point of view. This different viewpoint is to sensitize the reader to the existence of a more transcendental perspective, that is more amenable to reduce conflicts.

As mentioned earlier, this book heightens the reader’s perceptions. It is time the material in this book and the technology it advances, were made available to the public. It would help Humanity make an evolutionary leap along with the Earth herself to the next level of consciousness. This book has been written with diligence and the author has taken care to “step aside” and let consciousness speak its truth with a minimum of interference.

This book would appeal strongly to all sensitive souls who know intuitively that there is more to reality than meets the eye.

Strongly recommended.