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Reviewer Conny Withay:Operating her own business in office management since 1991, Conny is an avid reader and volunteers with the elderly playing her designed The Write Word Game. A cum laude graduate with a degree in art living in the Pacific Northwest, she is married with two sons, two daughters-in-law, and three grandchildren.

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By Conny Withay
Published on October 18, 2017

Author/Photographer: Tam Warner Minton
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 978-1-521807781

Author/Photographer: Tam Warner Minton
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 978-1-521807781

Tropical fish all over the world have faces that are alike in their characteristics, yet are still unique,” Tam Warner Minton writes in the introduction of her children’s book, All Fish Faces: Photos & Fun Facts About Tropical Reef Fish.

~ What ~
The first book in the Ocean Friends series, this numbered seventy-page paperback targets children ages four to twelve years old who enjoy educational information and photographs about tropical fish. With no scary scenes but containing the possibility of being poisoned, it may be best read out loud by adults to beginner readers due to some complicated wording.

In this informative book, the author explains the different types, features, and characteristics of tropical fish that include puffer, angel, butterfly, parrot, trigger, file, frog, toad, scorpion, lion, and box fish as well as groupers, clownfish, anemonefish, and others. Also mentioned are ways to protect and preserve our oceans and coral reefs. All pictures include the name of the fish and location where found.

Although I am not one who has tropical fish, I appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm the author/photographer has for these creatures. The photographs in full color are stunning and beautiful, showing details of underwater life. I enjoyed learning about “cleaner fish,” those that sleep with a transparent covering, how some can change their sex, and those that are venomous.

Those who do not like fish may steer away from this educational book, but they may learn a thing or two of interest. Others may want formatted descriptions listed such as average length, weight, eating habits, lifespan, et cetera.

I wish more books were written that provided knowledge and information that a young child could learn in a fun, engaging way. It would be helpful if there were an index or glossary at the end of the book. With many grammatical and punctuation errors, it has been marked down a full point and would be changed if the writing were corrected.

If you are looking for a book about fish for preschool to elementary aged children, this will delight young readers, but you should be aware the copy reviewed had writing errors in it.

Thanks to Bookpleasures and the author for this complimentary book that I am freely evaluating.