Author: Gene Pisasale
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4327-4133-4

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Gene Pisasale, author of Vineyard Days, professes a love for gourmet food and wine which easily translates into his writing of this book. Much of the story reads like a travel or food and wine review because Mr. Pisasale describes in detail the various accommodations available in Martha’s Vineyard, as well as, the delightful seafood and other dishes that can be found in this popular tourist destination.   

The main character, Jim, appears to have many similarities with the author (see insert and back of book for biographical information) and may even be autobiographical in a sense. For instance, Jim is an investment analyst from Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, with a geological educational background, propensity for travel, women, and fun. Jim is in his early fifties, financially secure, and recently married without children. By reading the biography of Mr. Pisasale you can ascertain that he fits those descriptions too. 

The many places the two main characters (Jim and his wife, Natalie) visit and sample on their week-long vacation to the Cape is interesting and part of how they bond with, and enjoy, each other’s company. Jim enjoys good wine, good food, and large breasted women. He tends to analyze everything they do and see. Natalie is less adventurous and far more cautious, but also enjoys the food and atmosphere. She usually follows the lead of Jim.  

Jim has an innately curious personality and likes to figure out how the various pieces of this books puzzle fit together. By the books end he has figured out who may have been responsible for the murder that occurred aboard a large sailing vessel that was anchored near their bed and breakfast while he and Natalie were vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard.  

More attention was spent developing the menu items (food, wine, and restaurants), points of interest from a tourist’s perspective, and shopping destinations than on dialogue or background information between the characters. (Perhaps that can be attributed to the author’s own pension toward those things) Plot development was weak from the murder perspective, which was, I think, the point of this novel. Very little background information was provided as to the lead villain and how he fit into the plot or the murder aboard the sailing vessel. (You could not truly hate or dislike him because you did not know enough about him). The last few pages left you wondering what happened next, especially to the main characters, but did not lead you to any logical conclusions.  

Cover design and inserts (author bio, book markers, business cards, and synopsis) were well done and added to the overall charm, and appeal, of this book

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