Author: Melissa Pimentel

Publisher: St. Martins Press 

ISBN: 978-1-250-13037-2

Melissa Pimentel, author of The One That Got Away, currently works in publishing in London. (2017, inside back cover) She is from small town Massachusetts. Her family did not have cable when she was a child and as such she found a love for BBC Comedies.

The title kind of gives the plot of this book away. Ruby and Ethan are the central characters with lots of others who fill the backstory. Both grew up in a small town. Ruby came from money. Her father worked his way up to creating a real estate empire where his picture was on every billboard. Ethan came from humble beginnings. Both lost their mothers when they were young. Ruby’s mother died and Ethan’s walked out on he and his father. They meet when Ruby is home after college graduation.

Ethan is working as a bartender in a local dive. Ruby believes that New York City is her destiny because he dead mother was from there and she believes this will cement her connection to her mom. During the summer she manages to get a job with an advertising agency in New York. Her loyalties are divided between career and her love for Ethan. She moves anyway and leaves Ethan behind.

New York was not what Ruby had envisioned and she is totally unhappy, but does not tell anyone. Ethan comes to visit and Ruby lets him leave without much of a farewell. Eventually, she breaks it off with him in a note. He is crestfallen.

Ethan decides to make something of himself and he does it with fervor. He becomes a mega million/billionaire. Ruby reads about his love interests occasionally on line and in print, but is too pragmatic to believe they might ever meet up again until her younger sister marries Ethan’s best friend, Charlie.

The remainder of the book flashes back and into the present where Ruby is in England preparing for her sisters impending wedding. Ruby sees Ethan again since she is the Matron of Honor and he is the Best Man. She realizes she still has feelings for him and hopes he does for her.

The wedding planner gets fired by Ruby’s sister and Ruby steps in to ensure that it comes out without a hitch. There are lots of vignettes where Ruby gets to look upon Ethan and get him to smile or wink at her. She is jealous of many younger more beautiful women who seek Ethan’s attention for a variety of technological insights. It’s incredibly predictable and ends up exactly as one would anticipate. No surprises. No shocks. No hero’s or heroines.