Author: Robin Fisher Roffer

ISBN: 978-0-87235-2-51495

Robin Fisher Roffer, author of Your no Fear Career, is the CEO and founder of Big Fish Marketing where she has launched many name-worthy brands. (2017, back cover) She is well respected for her ability to strategize for better sales and organizational branding. She has written a couple of other books (Make a Name for Yourself, The Fearless Fish Out of Water, and Reinventing Yourself). Robin lives in Sant Fe, New Mexico with her daughter where she likes to hike and cook.

In the Introduction (2017) Robin states that “The office can be a scary place…fear creates a negative work environment and stifles innovation and sabotages service – the very things needed to gain a competitive edge.” I do not disagree. It is far more powerful to walk in with courage than fear. How can we do this? What actions can change these dynamics?

Robin says that is we are accepting of ourselves others will be too. (2017, p.12) To which she suggests we, “Consciously be aware of how things make you feel and gravitate towards what and who makes you feel good.” (p.14) Sometimes that is easier to state than to actually do, but we can continue to try.

This book is about finding self and making yourself the best self ever. There are exercises that invite one to reflect and look inside to see what changes we can make on our outside. We are asked to look at not only self, but those around us. The one thing we have power over is our actions and reactions. If we change those those around must also change. How can we be authentic, honest, generous, kind, and more?

Roffer says that we should “fearless own your weirdness”. (2017, p.24) “Accept yourself without apology, use your differences to positively stand out, find an anchor in rough seas, fit in without blending in, make a difference, reinvent yourself over and over, practice action, belief, and courage.” All of this is about feeling safe to be who we truly are. Sometimes we cannot get there because of clutter. Therefore, Robin says we must “Empty the trash in your head.” (p.32)

Many people place a lot of emphasis on luck or the lack thereof. Robin says we all need to make our own luck!” (2017, p.60) There are lots of people asking where you want to be when…how many years to you can to try to hypothecate? Planning and devising a way to achieve those plans is basic to obtaining them. However, it’s better to begin with where you want to be inside of a year and then blossom out from there. Thinking too far out can sometimes curtail the steps required to jump start this process and ensure your ultimate success. Robin has developed exercises to help you create your roadmap toward career success.

I enjoyed lots of this book immensely and portions of it a little. I do believe that I can away with a lot of hope and some keen ideas for how to yet again reinvent myself. Thanks for an interesting way to look at luck and life, career and work, decisions and moving forward.