Author: Bryan R. Johnson

Publisher: Candy Wrapper, Inc.,

ISBN: 978-1-940556-00-0

Bryan Johnson, author of, Code 7 has written a whimsical book for children and young adults. The idea is to open up a world of possibilities by breaking the code, which is a series of several words. Johnson says that doing so means “…you will be prepared to become what you desire.” (2017, back cover)

The first chapter finds a young boy who happens to be a good artist invited to create a mural for his school. He goes through a series of possibilities before settling on what he believes will aptly show his community what he and his fellow schoolmates are all about. While struggling with a cohesive theme he finds himself and his passion!

Chapter two hinges on a young man who steals his family recipe for Taffy and exploits it in his school and community. Naturally, his aunt is dismayed when she finds out he has stolen her secret recipe. He eventually learns what it means to keep a family secret and all is well, but not before he and several friends make lots of money, in children’s terms anyway, from selling this taffy.

Chapter three has children learning how to care for something outside of themselves, an egg. The project is for a duration of one week. Some children end up breaking their egg and others have opted to leave it with one young girl who is extremely cautious and in to this project. She becomes the class leader because she takes such good care to ensure that the eggs do not break.

Each chapter provides a lesson in something that can be applied on a larger scale. For children, learning to find self and how to feel good about standing apart can be a difficult process. This book provides practical tools on how to get there via life’s little lessons.