Author: Hank Phillippi Ryan
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2717-2
Publisher: MIRA Books

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Award-winning investigative reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan is on the air at Boston’s NBC affiliate. Her work has resulted in new laws, people sent to prison, homes removed from foreclosure and millions of dollars in restitution. Along with her twenty-six Emmy and ten Edward R. Murrow Awards, Hank has won dozens of other regional, national and international journalism honors for her hard-hitting investigations. Hank began her television career reporting and anchoring the news in Indianapolis and Atlanta. She’s also worked as a proofreader, a radio reporter, a legislative aide in the United States Senate and—in a two-year stint as editorial assistant at Rolling Stone magazine—helped organize presidential campaign coverage for Hunter S. Thompson. She and her husband live just outside Boston.

In the cutthroat world of television journalism, seasoned reporter Charlotte McNally knows that she'd better pull out all the stops or kiss her job goodbye. But it's her life that might be on the line when she learns that an innocent-looking e-mail offer resulted in murder, mayhem and a multimillion-dollar fraud ring.

All too soon her investigation leads her straight to Josh Gelston, who is a little too helpful and a lot too handsome. Charlie might have a nose for news, but men are a whole other matter. Now she has to decide whether she can trust Josh…before she ends up as the next lead story.

“’re only as good as your last story.” Investigative reporter Charlotte McNally, better known as “Charlie”, is forty-something now and in order to keep her job, she has to stay on top of the younger generation clamoring for her position. With sweeps coming up, she needs something big and isn’t too happy about being sent to interview a widow (where’s the story in that?) by her manager, who has made it clear if she doesn’t make a stand, this might be her last year with them. Charlie knows she’s good at her job and she wants to keep it that way.

But then the interview with the widow takes an unexpected twist. Brad Foreman’s car accident may not have been an “accident” after all! Apparently he had been sending Charlie emails and his widow wanted to know why she never returned any of his messages. With Brad’s recent spotlight and then his sudden death, combined with the messages he had sent Charlie, this all combined sent out an alarm to Charlie’s experienced gut instincts, so she checks out her emails. What she uncovers winds up being a scam—and it was also now possible that Brad Foreman’s so-called “accident”... might really have been a murder!

Charlie and her producer, Franklin (loved his character!) are on the brink of something really big. They’re sure of it! The investigation leads Charlie to Josh Gelston. But Charlie is not sure if she can trust him and to make things worse, she also can’t deny her attraction to the man.

Hank Phillippi Ryan delivers mystery, murder, romance and knowledge in the field with humor, and her familiarity of Boston makes Prime Time a riveting, first-person POV (usually a pet-peeve of mine) and I look forward to more books from this author. She’s dynamic in real life and it reflects in the dialogue and plotting of her writing as well.

A real page turner from a promising new author!

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