Author: Dan Bartges
ISBN 978-1-892538-36-9
Publisher: Oaklea Press

Click Here To Purchase COLOR IS EVERYTHING: Master the Use of Color in Oils, Acrylics or Watercolors

Dan Bartges has penned a practical, no-nonsense self-help book about how to paint effectively with color.

To begin with, Barges takes us on a fun- shopping spree for the art material that we will need to learn or relearn how to apply color. The top item on the shopping list is the color wheel that is essential for learning how to arrange colors. The artist then explains the differences between using oils, acrylics or watercolor.

Chapter Two clearly explains color basics and how to place them on our palette. Our first painting is replicating the colors on the color wheel.

From here the author explains what is a monochromatic and analogous color scheme, as well as complementary, split-complementary, triadic or tetradic color arrangements.

With the help of illustrations with upside-down answers, he teaches how to recognize a color scheme, as for example on page 34, “Half full.” This oil uses complementary colors, a cool blue with a very warm orange.

Chapter 4 explains with stunning reproductions how great Artists choose and use great color schemes. From here we experiment with different color schemes, giving several helpful tips. I particularly liked the watercolor of “Whitney” on pages 77-78.

Chapter Six explains how to analyse (and improve) a good painting, while Chapter Seven shows how to analyze (and fix) a bad painting. Chapter Eight provides us with some excellent advice from the studio.

The concluding chapter of this excellent how-to-book includes a list of image and photo credits, as well as an index of coloring terminology.

Color is Everything and a coloring wheel are a must have for beginner and experienced artists who want to create “irresistible color,” and paintings that pull people from across the room.

Dan Bartges is a full-time artist since 1996. His landscapes and still lifes have been acquired by private collectors across the country and by a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Dan has conducted art workshops for cancer patients, held weekly art classes for prison inmates and lectured on 19th century art. He has earned a B.A., M.A. and has studied under several prominent regional artists, at the Modlin School of Art (U. of Richmond) and the Studio School of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. He resides in Virginia and his website is

 Click Here To Purchase COLOR IS EVERYTHING: Master the Use of Color in Oils, Acrylics or Watercolors